About Me

I love reading…no surprises there I guess! I usually read between 2-4 books a week, and prefer snuggling up with a book than watching TV (although I do have a penchant for reality TV and talent contests!)
I enjoy reading Young Adult books. I love how I can read through many genres but still relate to the theme of being a teenager (which despite not being anymore, I still feel inside!) I’ve discovered many wonderful books in genres I wouldn’t have read in adult literature. I also like reading chick lit and womens fiction, although this is becoming less of an occurrence these days. I’m an old romantic at heart, so a good old love story always goes down well.

I also enjoy Chick Lit and Contempory Women’s Fiction

Favourite authors: Lisa Jewell, Celia Rees, Margaret Leroy, Audrey Niffenegger, Sophie Kinsella, Lauren Oliver, Simone Elkeles

I have a five year old daughter who is shaping up to be every bit as much of a bookworm as her Mum, and I’ve included a new feature, Kids Corner, where I can share the books we’ve been reading together. Prepare for much cuteness!
I’m just a person who loves to read and enjoys reviewing, sharing and chatting books.Other likes are make up, hot bubble baths, rose wine, Pyjama’s and Dr who. I miss david Tenant though.

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