Book News: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

I’ve just found a little snippet on Kate Morton’s website about her third book The Distant Hours, and I’m really excited. I absolutely loved The House At Riverton (The Shifting Fog) and The Forgotten Garden (links to, so have been looking out for her latest book for some time.

In her online Journal, she says
I can’t tell you too much about the story just yet, except to say that it’s my favourite so far, it takes place in the present and the past, in particular, England during World War Two, and it’s full of secrets (of course!). There was a lot of research to do for this story, the sort done with books at my desk in my little office, and also much more exciting research in Other Places: a climb up the SISSINGHURST tower, guided tours of Blitz-torn London, descent into an abandoned Underground station… I shiver just thinking about it!”

And if that isn’t intriguing enough, there’s a little trailer teaser to view too!

It’s due for release in The UK, USA and Australia in November 2010 (rest of the world in 2011). You can pre-order on Amazon already, though there is no cover or synopsis yet…I’ll update as soon as it’s available!
You can visit Kate’s website here

3 thoughts on “Book News: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

  1. OMG, this post totally wins The Bestest Post of the Day Award!!! Thanks so much for posting the trailer and everything! I just checked her site and she says the book will be out in November – boooo, Amazon had it listed for April so I was really looking forward to it! I absolutely LOVED her previous two books and I'll be reading this one as soon as I can get my hands on it! Soooo excited!
    ps: Thanks for adding my button to your sidebar! Wish you had one too so I could add it, but for now I just added you on twitter and goodreads. 🙂


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