Book Review: Evermore (The Immortals) by Alyson Noel

The sole survivor in a car crash, which wiped out her family,sixteen-year-old Ever’s life has changed beyond recognition. Not only has she been forced to move to California to live with her aunt, Sabine, but the trauma of the crash has awoken psychic abilities within her. Constantly bombarded with the thoughts and auras of those around her, Ever is struggling to fit into her new high school. That is until the mysterious and handsome Damen shows up. But there’s something odd about Damen. Beside only having eyes for Ever when every other girl is fawning at his feet, he is the only person Ever has met since her accident whose aura is invisible and whose thoughts she can’t read. Who is he and what does his presence mean for Ever?

Evermore is the first book in The Immortals series by Alyson Noël

I didn’t want to start a review comparing this book with Twilight, but really it’s impossible! There ARE a lot of similarities. Ever is the new girl at school, Damen is stunningly handsome and often speaks like he is from another time, he moves so fast it’s like a blur, Wuthering Heights gets a couple of mentions and there’s a bit of creepy watching while she sleeps. BUT it’s also very different, and actually wasn’t what I expected.

I got into this book really easily. It begins with Ever at her new school and flashbacks to the accident, which killed her parents and sister. Ever was instantly interesting, her psychic abilities adding a new unusual dimension. I also felt sympathy for her straightaway and felt that Alyson Noel had created an intriguing and solid teen heroine. Anyone who stumbles across my Twilight reviews (in particular Eclipse) elsewhere on the web will know that I had a massive issue with Bella. Ever’s character is, in my opinion, more likeable, endearing and has a feisty side that makes her more interesting and far less irritating.

I also liked how very little was given away about Damen, so it became difficult to know if he was a good guy or not. From the build up and for most of the book, I thought I knew what Damen was about, but it turned out I was wrong. His character isn’t explored that much in this book, but the foundations are set for future installments and his could be a fascinating story indeed.

Alyson Noël’s writing is incredibly compelling. Her writing is fast paced and makes sure you just can’t stop turning the pages. I kept thinking ‘one more chapter’ then, before I knew it, had read a great chunk of the book. Each chapter is quite short, and she avoids going into monotonous over detail, so the book flows nicely and easily.

While I really enjoyed Evermore, I did find a few flaws, which stopped the book being truly amazing. One of Ever’s psychic abilities is to see dead people, and her little sister Riley is one of them. She plays the part of an irritating younger sister, who just happens to be a spirit who hasn’t quite made it to the other side. Noël writes her as an almost comedic caricature, which could have been amusing in a different book but didn’t really seem to fit well in this one. I think she deserved to be taken a lot more seriously and the reasons of her being there could have been investigated a little more deeply.

I also felt there were inconsistencies with some of Ever’s psychic abilities, in particular the ability to see auras. Long passages would go without this ability being mentioned, and then it seemed to be pulled out the bag occasionally when it was remembered. While there is an aura colour chart at the beginning of the book, there is really no need, as auras are never really discussed with any depth, and when they are it’s obvious and self explanatory.

The romance between Ever and Damen is nicely developed. Rather then just fall straight into his arms, Ever is unsure to begin with and the romance comes slowly. The intensity of the relationship between Ever and Damen builds rapidly towards the end of the book and revelations about both of their pasts leave me eager to read more and hopeful of a dramatic and passionate love affair.

Evermore is the first book in the Immortals series, with Blue Moon due to be released next month in the UK followed by Shadowland, Dark Flame and as yet untitled books 5 & 6. I’ll definitely be keeping up with the series, as despite my criticism’s I did really enjoy it and there is great promise for the rest of the series. While some of the book is a little cheesy and predictable, it’s also original and intriguing with some real breath-holding moments. I found it difficult to put down, got completely absorbed, and left wanting more. I can’t wait to read Blue Moon.

My Rating: 3.5/5

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Evermore (The Immortals) by Alyson Noel

  1. Great review, Rhiana! I love how you included both the “pluses” and “minuses” (umm I think I spelled both of those wrong – sorry!) in your review. I haven't read the book yet, so I feel now like I have a really objective bit of knowledge to go from. Thanks for that! 😀


  2. Thanks for this review. It seems really balanced and fair. I have Evermore and I keep meaning to pick it up but it is the time factor. I think I'm going to enjoy it when I finally get there.


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