Book Review: Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor

Lucy Brown has never been happier. About to marry the love of her life, Dan, she’s living the life she always wanted. But on the eve of the wedding, Lucy has an accident and dies.

But that’s only the beginning, because Lucy has just woken up in limbo and has a choice to make. She can go up to heaven, where her beloved parents and eternal happiness await her, or she can return to earth to Dan … as a ghost. Lucy barely has to think about it and rushes back down to earth. There’s a catch though as before she can become a ghost she must complete a task. She must find love for scruffy computer geek Archie and she only has 21 days to do it. To make matters worse Lucy finds out that her best friend Anna is already hitting on a grieving Dan. Time is running out, but can Lucy ever complete the task and finally be with Dan forever?

You know how there are some books you pick up and know from the first few lines you’re going to love them? Well for me this definitely was one of them! I immediately warmed to Lucy, who is a little ditsy but completely loveable. By page 9 I’d already laughed out loud a few times, with a scene where Lucy is reminiscing her first date with Dan having me in stitches, while scarily being able to relate to and cringe along with.

Lucy’s death happens very early in the book, but if your thinking this may sound a bit morbid you’d be wrong. The details of her death are kept to a very bare minimum, as that’s not what the story is about. If you’re completely unable to suspend reality and just go with a story then to be honest, this probably isn’t going to be the book for you. From this point on Lucy returns to Earth as a Living Dead and moves in with fellow wannabe ghosts Brian and Claire.

I absolutely loved the interactions between the three housemates, who are so completely different in every other way but one. While the story is told in the first person from Lucy, I also found myself really warming to both Brian and Claire and becoming wrapped up in their personal stories too. Despite being dead, the three all have something to learn about themselves before they finally pass on and I thoroughly enjoyed each ones journey. I thought Claire in particular was a fantastic character and her story is incredibly touching. Lucy’s human task, Archie is also extremely well written with characteristics that are so realistic I could imagine him perfectly. I think it’s a huge credit to Cally Taylor that in a story that defies reality, she manages to create such perfectly believable characters.

I flew through this book once I got time to settle down properly with it and finished the 370 pages in a couple of days. The writing is fast paced and I found it very easy to get completely engrossed in. I was also never quite sure where things were going. Lucy may well be a typical chick lit character, but her situation isn’t typical of the genre at all and so I really didn’t know quite what to expect. There are a few twists and turns along the way that kept me intrigued and a real shocker at the end which I didn’t see coming at all.

While I did have tears with this book, most of them came from laughing or because it was just so lovely and touching, not because it was depressing. Heaven Can Wait was a real emotional roller coaster of a read to me, taking me from laughter, compassion, sadness and joy. Lucy’s love for Dan is so simple and beautiful it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it all. If you love chick lit, then you will love Heaven Can Wait. Perfect beach read or cosy weekend in, this is a real treat of a book and I highly recommend!

Thanks to Cally for sending me her book for review.

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