Random Rambling and Some New UK Blogs To Check Out

I haven’t done any round up posts for ages, and have lots of little tidbits I wanted to post. So having finally caught up on myself thought I’d get them all out in one long ramble…lucky you!

To Rename or not to Rename…?

So when I started this blog back in September 09, I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read it and to be honest, I didn’t put that much thought into my blog name. Anyhow, it’s been bugging me for a while now and I’ve been thinking of buying a domain name and changing it because, well I’ll let you into a little secret, my real name isn’t Rhiana sssh! It is however the nickname I’ve used since I first got myself on the world wide web 7 years ago (a shortened version of the goddess Rhiannon and NOT the pop star who hadn’t even been heard of then, I’ll have you know!) and it is my daughters middle name. Anyway, I want honest opinions. Is it really rubbish? Would you like another name? I’ve tried to come up with something really witty and clever…but failed. After admiring my bookshelves and noticing how sparkly, shiny and lovely my books are I was thinking ‘My Glittering Bookshelves’ or ‘The Glittering Bookcase’ … thoughts?

Challenge Updates

Well I’m bashing on at steady speed with both the challenges I signed up to.

I’ve completed 38 books as part of the 100+ reading challenge, so I could do with pushing on with that a bit. However I’ve almost completed my aim of 25 books in the YA Reading challenge, currently totalling 24. So i’m going to increase this to 50.

I think these stats reflect where my reading is going now. I always liked to dip in and out of the YA catagory, but now I’m just obsessed and it’s pretty much all I want to read right now! What I love best is that under the YA cat, there are so many different genres and I can flit between historical, paranormal, contemporary, fantasy…it’s fantastic, never boring, always able to relate to the YA themes and I’ve read some amazing books in genres I probably never would have in adult books. I’m massive on dystopia atm, have a basket full of titles over on amazon calling ‘buy me’ right now…ooops.

You can check out a full list of books read as well as links to the challenge host pages here

An Award
I’ve been a bit rubbish at accepting awards recently, and I am sorry…really I do appreciate it! Here’s one I’ve never had before from Naomi @ Naoimi’s Book Reviews
The rules of accepting this award are easy, tell us the last five books you read and pass the award onto five other book bloggers.

So my last five books read were:

Crossed Wires by Rosie Thornton
Forget You by Jennifer Echols
Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper
The Forest Of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Life as We Knew it by Susan Pfeffer

And I’m passing this one on to five bloggers who always make the time to read reviews and leave such lovely, thoughtful and supportive comments. They Are:

Becky @ The Bookette

Although you’re all stars!!!!

Finally (phew!) Some New UK Bloggers To Check Out!

I remember when I first started blogging struggling to find any UK bloggers. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, or you were hiding? Anyway, the lovely Becky @ The Bookette, champion of the new UK blogger, linked to me in a post and I was found. So in a similar vein, here are a few new or new to me UK YA book blogs I’ve recently stumbled accross…all of them are fab so go check them out!

Asamum Reads and Fluttering Butterflies (who has the prettiest blog background) are both well established blogs, but are completely new to me, so if you’re yet to discover them go over now and say Hi!

Mostly Reading YA has been tweeting books for a while but recently started a blog and I love the layout! Some great discussion posts on favourite YA covers and E-readers v Paperbacks.

And just starting yesterday, Lyndsey @ Heaven, Hell and Purgatory – Book Reviews is the very new blog on the block. A fan of YA fantasy and Paranormal she has a unique rating system…I LOVE it!… please go over and make her welcome!

And that’s all from me!

16 thoughts on “Random Rambling and Some New UK Blogs To Check Out

  1. Honestly? I like your name. It's alliterate and, I don't know, it tells us who you are I suppose (I know, I know, it's not your real name, but it's your web name so it works). I personally don't like your glittery names (hey – you said be honest!). I prefer Rhiana Reads.



  2. First up, congrats on the award, and thank you for thinking of me!

    Secondly, re: your blog name. I would've agreed with the others that you should keep Rhiana Reads, since it's catchy and personal, but if it's not your real name… then maybe it's a different story. I'm on the fence!


  3. I can totally relate to the whole name thing. When I starte last November, I wanted something that was different and I came across a quote from Lewis Carroll about children eating books and thus the name. There have been times when I have wished I had chosen something else, but I am liviing with it. Personally I like the alliteration aspect of Rhianna Reads and all the better that it is a nickname and your daughters middle name. I am all for keeping it.

    Also, thank you for the award, I seem to be fairly lax about posting them too. So I know the feeling. But I do love the fact that you recognize that I am a true follower and really love reading your reviews. It is why I stop because I think your reviews are awesome.


  4. Hey Rhiana !
    Congrats on the award and thanks for posting the new UK bloggers, we're so few that it's nice to be able to invite everyone to our UK meet ups if they're around!!
    I like Rhiana reads a lot and I have mixed feelings about the glittery names. But maybe it's just a question of habit…
    I chose mine (Portrait of a Woman) because it's the title of my favorite poem, but it's not very personal…
    Have a good day!


  5. Ahem, I did intend to put a little winky smiley thing up there to show that I was joking. Oops! I was joking. You should call yourself whatever you like, though I might still call you Rhiana Reads in my head. 😉 <--There. Phew.


  6. I love this post. LOVE IT!
    I shall check out your blog recommendations and add them to my list.
    In terms if a name change I can understand why you feel it might be a good idea. It is kind of a talking point though…
    The only advice I would give is keep it short. Having a short URL is easy to remember. Whatever you decide, I am with you!


  7. Thanks for all the comment. the general consensus seems to keep what I already have…so I will! (But in all honesty Luisa…I answer to most things anyway ha!)

    @Jan, thank you, that's such a nice thing to say *blushes*

    @Becky I'm glad you liked it because I realised I didn't do many chatty/discussion type posts and worried I'd be rubbish it at it!


  8. I totally understand what you mean about blog names. I've just changed the name of my blog (although it still has the same url). Personally I like Rhiana Reads as a title, but if it bugs you maybe it's time for a change.

    Yay for UK bloggers! I wish there was more of us!


  9. I really like the name Rhiana Reads. I've always thought it sounded good. I thought it was your real name, though! lol! I was thinking of buying my own domain name too. Don't have a clue how to do it though.

    I'll be checking out all the blogs you listed at the weekend when I have more time. x


  10. @Caroline it is great to know UK bloggers are out there too. especially when I was starting out I remember being overjoyed everytime I found one. Really hope to get to a meet up soon *sulks slightly at all the great stuff she misses stuck up north*

    @Kat I like your new name…I'm rubbish at thinking up anything remotely original and catchy, so I think I'll just stick with what I have. Easy to remember I suppose!


  11. I really like your name so you should keep it, also it might confuse people if you change it 😀
    Thank you do much for linking me, I get excited when I find more people in the UK it is like one super-cool community. I have started a list on twitter for the UK book bloggers if you know anyone else please let me know. I too am jealous of Clovers background 😀


  12. Oh migosh!! How did I miss this? Thank you so much!!! 😀 Especially being among such great company (Lauren's comments are always so thoughtful)!

    I think The Glittering Bookshelf sounds very fantastical and magical and even a bit girly, which I like. It immediately caught my eye. But by now everyone knows you as Rhiana Reads, and there's nothing wrong with that name at all!

    Thank you again for the award (and congrats on getting it yourself, too)!


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