Book Review: Temptation Street by Shari Low

Glaswegian business women and best friends, Suze and Mel seem to have it all. Both married to the successful Marshell brothers Karl and Joe, a thriving lingerie and beauty business between them and a host of close friends; they’re living the dream. That is until Suze suspects her husband, karl, is cheating and decides to hire a honey trap. Only the results aren’t quite what she was expecting and will blow the entire family apart. Can the family ever recover? With another major blow hanging over all their heads is this the end of the line for all concerned?

I’ve never read anything by Shari Low before, and now I have the feeling I’ve been missing out! I absolutely loved her writing style, which is fun, sassy and exciting from beginning to end.

Mel and Suze are both strong and successful thirty-somethings and despite my life being a bit (ok a lot) less glamorous than theirs, I loved both of them. Suze is the stronger of the two, headstrong, impetuous and completely over the top, I imagine her being hard work as a friend! Mel on the other-hand, is more grounded, thoughtful and considerate. My heart and sympathy went out to Mel, as she comes off the worst from everyone else’s antics, but remains strong and doesn’t become a pity character. I became completely wrapped up in both women’s lives, and it’s their flaws which make them even more appealing.

What makes this book an absolute joy to read is the hysterical dialogue between the characters. I adored the snipey, sarky humour, it had tears of laughter rolling down my face. Reading Shari Low’s writing is like having the best girls night out ever. I wanted to be friends with Suze and Mel and be a part of their close knit circle. I don’t think I’ve ever read a chick lit that came across like it could be me and my girlfriends sharing stories and a few glasses of wine in the way this one does. It was refreshing and fun to read from beginning to end. But best of all, this was possibly the most unpredictable chick lit I have ever read, the surprises just keep on coming right to the very end. It’s incredibly clever how Low diverts our suspicion then springs the truth on the reader at the same time as the characters. It certainly makes for an exciting read indeed.

While Suze and Mel are the main characters, the supporting cast aren’t anything but stars themselves. Loyal employee, Josie is terrifying and caring all at the same time, just the type of person you want to take you under their wing. Virginia, mother in law from hell is deliciously detestable and definitely one you’ll love to hate. The husbands, and other men folk, do play their part in the book but this is really very much all about girl power and strong female characters.

Amongst all the fun there are some serious undertones giving Temptation Street meat to it’s bones. Suspicion, betrayal, truth and how much of it you really want to know, knowing those closest to you and knowing what you want yourself and how these themes affect relationships run throughout the book, as well as an incredibly realistic and current issue which comes as a bolt from blue. You will laugh, cry, want to join in and comfort both women as they heal, move on and face other problems. If there is one book chick lit fans should be packing in their cases this summer for poolside reading, It’s this one. Highly recommended!

Temptation Street was published on 3rd June 2010.

Many thanks to Carolyn @ Bookchickcity for passing me this review copy on behalf of Piatkus books

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Temptation Street by Shari Low

  1. Love your thoughtful description of the main characters. I also like that you said the book had meat. While I do not read chick lit if I did, I would want the meat. Fab review!


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