‘So I Say Thank You For The Books… ‘ with Jan of Eating YA Books

‘So I say Thank You For The Books…’ is a new weekly feature and where each week someone, blogger or author, tells us who or what inspired their love of reading

This week I’d like to welcome Jan from Eating YA Books

Eating YA Books


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years

While I have many memories stored in my grey matter from my childhood, there is only one piece of physical evidence that I still have (besides photos) to show that I was indeed a child: a book! The Bumper Book, which was given to me by Mrs. Rimment, my next-door neighbor, is a collection of verses and stories. It has survived tons of moves over the years and is one of the first books that when unpacked still has a place on my bookshelf. I read it as a child, read it to my children, and now read it to my grandchildren. It is, to this day, a prized possession.

The pages like me are a bit worn, and the verses and stories are old but classics. The illustrations by Eulalie are still colorful and vibrant and always make me smile. The publisher is now defunct, and the authors long past away, but their words live on to anyone who wants to read them and so too, the lovely lady who once presented me with this book.

I am sure that when Mrs. Rimment gave me the book she had no way of knowing that after fifty some years, I would still have the book, or that I would still remember her. But then that is the thing about books and reading. Books have the ability to take us away to different lands, meet people we would never meet and after spending time within their pages, changing us and leaving us with wonderful memories of the time we spent. As a teacher, the one thing that I hope to accomplish above all else is to give my students the gift of reading, and perhaps one day my memory will live on in someone’s love of books as Mrs. Rimment lives on in mine.


Thanks Jan!

Would you like to be featured in So I Say Thank You For The Books…? I’m looking for bloggers and authors who would like to write a guest post for this weekly feature.
Is there one particular person who inspired your love of books? It could be a relative, teacher, librarian, a particular author…anyone. It could even be a ‘thing’…perhaps a movie prompted you to look up the book which inspired it or a specific event occurred and you’ve never looked back? It’s up to you…now’s your chance to tell us all about it! (Obviously, for privacy reasons, we don’t need full names and photo’s of people!)

There’s more details here. You can be as creative as you like and don’t have to follow the same format. Feel free to email me with any questions!

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