So I Say Thank You For The Books… Featuring Aly of Fantasy4eva

‘So I say Thank You For The Books…’ is a new weekly feature and where each week
someone, blogger or author, tells us who or what inspired their love of reading

This week I’m welcoming Aly from Fantasy4Eva

***************************It might be a different story for me, no one I knew liked to read, no family members, no friends and growing up I always got the “Why do you read”? question.
I’m glad I was never one of those who wanted to “fit in” otherwise I might have given up reading a long time ago.
I really don’t know how I started reading since it wasn’t exactly encouraged by anyone in particular, I do remember however as a child taking my first trip to the library with my class, I was probably 5 or 6, and I took my first bunch of books with me, I was so proud because i had all these grown up books with me, I’m not sure how it went from there, but I must have begged my parents to take me more to the library and I guess from then on I became a real book junkie.
Even now I’m the one person who loves to read, people still don’t understand why I love it so much and I have just accepted that. Reading isn’t something I can ever imagine giving up on, it is such a big part of who I am that it would literally be like loosing a part of myself. I always used to wonder as a child why was I the only one who liked reading, why the people around me weren’t supportive? but I think it only helped me grow and find that this was something I had to take upon myself to pursue because I genuinely loved it.
I remember reading a lot of Christopher Pike back in the day and I was obsessed with these ghost stories as a child and lots of point horror. It’s funny how even to this day I go to that very library, I think of it almost as a second home due to being so at ease there because I’ve grown up going there, so I guess you could say I discovered books through myself 🙂

Thanks for having me!


Thanks for the post Aly, awww I can just imagine how cute you were back then with your big stack of books!

Would you like to be featured in So I Say Thank You For The Books…? I’m looking for bloggers and authors who would like to write a guest post for this weekly feature.

Is there one particular person who inspired your love of books? It could be a relative, teacher, librarian, a particular author…anyone. It could even be a ‘thing’…perhaps a movie prompted you to look up the book which inspired it or a specific event occurred and you’ve never looked back? It’s up to you…now’s your chance to tell us all about it! (Obviously, for privacy reasons, we don’t need full names and photo’s of people!)

There’s more details here. You can be as creative as you like and don’t have to follow a specific format. Feel free to email me with any questions!

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5 thoughts on “So I Say Thank You For The Books… Featuring Aly of Fantasy4eva

  1. This is a fun post! 🙂 I used to love horror stories too, well I actually still am. Those are truly one of my favourite reads. Great to know more about Aly and why she started reading. 😛


  2. My daughter was not much of a reader until she picked up Christopher Pike's books, then she started letting me suggest other books that I thought she would like and a teacher turned her on to The Giver.

    Now when she has time I lend her my books,like Linger, and Beastly and we have great book talks.

    I am glad you got the reading bug yourself, now you can pass it one to others. Great post.


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