Read-A-Series September..come join in!

So, I’m sure we all have them…a series/trilogy we’ve been dying to read for ages but haven’t got round to. I do. In fact I have a few! So I decided to set myself a challenge to read a couple of those series in September. But then I thought…why not invite other’s to join in? So here it is…

Read-A-Series September is going to be a month long theme here on Rhiana-Reads. From 6th September to the 1st October I’ll be reading and reviewing some series and trilogy’s as well as some guest posts from other bloggers about their favourite series and why they love them!

But I’d also like to encourage others to take part and read and review at least one series in September themselves. And to make things fun, I’ll start of next Monday by posting a form for you all to link up your series reviews (either on your blog or Goodreads/Amazon etc) There’ll be at least one prize awarded to a random participant at the end of the month…which will be confirmed when the linky post goes up.

So are you up for the challenge? Let me know in the comments if you’re planning on taking part and feel free to take the image to post on your own blog if you’d get the word out! Even if you can’t take part this time and read a series yourself but would like to tell us all about your favourite series get in touch!

10 thoughts on “Read-A-Series September..come join in!

  1. I'm in! I've been slating to read a few series this month too, so this is ace:) I have a question though, does reading only part of the series (since I've read the first few books already) count?


  2. I have had the hunger games sitting on my shelf for a long time…i just bought catching fire and i will see if i can atleast work away at this series this month.


  3. This sounds really good, but I have to check if the library has all the books. But I really want to give it a try! I'm going to check it tommorow at the library! 😉


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