Guest Review: Bang Bang You’re Dead by Narinder Dhami

Today the lovely Iffath from LoveReadingx is guest reviewing…

Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!
Author: Narinder Dhami
Pages: 300
Publisher: Corgi Children’s
Publication Date: 7th May 2009

It seems like just another day at school – then Mia’s world turns upside down.
School is being evacuated. Rumour has it there’s a gunman in the building. And Mia has a horrible feeling she knows who it is…
Her brother has been acting strangely. He’s been threatening to do  something drastic, something frightening, something that cannot be  ignored…but just how far will he go?
Mia is determined to find out, but playing cat and mouse with a potential killer is a very dangerous game…

When I first picked up Bang, Bang, You’re Dead, I wasn’t really too keen on it because it just didn’t really sound interesting to me, but the idea of shootings in school was what made me read it. It’s something that is quite rarely written about and I’m always up for something different to what I usually read.

The book starts off quite ordinarily, but the huge twist at the end is nothing I would have guessed in a million years (what can I say, I’m simple) (just joking). Actually, it was so shocking I had to reread the book all over again to see what on earth I’d missed! I’m glad I did choose to do that though, because when I read it for the second time, I found things I never even noticed happening in the first read. I really liked that

Mia has been having a hard time since her grandfather passed away. Since his death, her ill mother has gotten back into her old habits of not taking her medication and she refuses to go to the doctor to get back on track.  Mia’s being bullied at school and her twin brother, Jamie, has accused her of not being able to stand up for herself. Mia’s a shy girl and has always felt like she’s living under her brother’s shadow; hearing him say these nasty things doesn’t help her, it just confuses her even more. She doesn’t understand how big of an impact the words are causing her. 

Now at school and there’s an outburst about a man in the building. A man with a gun.

The story shifts between the past and the present while we follow Mia on her journey through the deserted school to locate the mysterious gunman nearby. We see the past through her memories as she tries to figure out if it’s at all possible that her brother is actually the criminal. 

I loved the way this book was so visual and you could see the whole thing in your head like a film. Narinder Dhami gives us a taste of the struggles of youth, whilst never wandering away from the structure of the firm and thrilling plot. The novel deals with some intense subjects and emotions and I’d highly recommend you read it!


Thanks for a fab review Iffath! 

You can find Iffath at her book blog, Love Reading x … go along to check out her fun reviews and amazing cover re-creations (she’s very talented!).. oh and her blog was also mentioned in Writers forum magazine recently…very cool!

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