Read A Series in September!

Welcome to Read A Series in September!
(Firstly… I apologise for the lateness of this post…it should have been up earlier but my daughter had a bit of an accident with her bike and we’ve been in A&E for a few hours! Nothing broken…just a very sore and bruised Knee and very little skin left on elbow.)

I decided to set myself a challenge to read some of the series I’ve never got round to this month. I’m sure we all have them and so I decided to invite you all to join in!

Read-A-Series in September is open to anyone who wants to take part. Choose your series (or more if you’re up to it …I’m aiming for three/four), read and review it (either on your blog or Goodreads) and then come back here and post a link to your review(s) in a specified post (I will ad a linky form as soon as I work it out!)

I also have two prizes to give away…one for UK participants and one for International. At The end of the month participants will be chosen at random from the links post and each winner will recieve a prize of: 1 copy of Strange Angels by Lili St Crow plus a poster, fabulous bookmarks featuring the Drake Chronicles (Alyxandra Harvey) and Need series (Carrie Jones)  and the choice of one book from a series of their choice up to a maximum of £5 (must be available on Book depository)

Challenge Details/Rules:

1: You don’t need a blog to participate. Reviews on Goodreadsor other review sites count too! If you’re planning on taking part I’d love to can leave a comment here if you’d like. 

2. Link per book. Each book in a series you mange gets you one entry. The more you read the more entries you get

3. It doesn’t have to be a huge series…as long as there’s more than one book published! Sequels, trilogy’s unfinished series count too.

3. Already read some of the series? No worries. You can still take part to finish the series up but only reviews posted in September will count as an entry

4. Want to tell the world about a favourite series you’ve read in the past or write a discussion post about series in general? Great…post it and link up…that will get you an entry too!

5. Get the word out! Grab the HTML and post this button on your sidebar or in your series posts to let everyone know about the challenge.

6: Check back later in the week for the linky form and start linking up!

Finally have fun! I look forward to reading your reviews and posts!

I also have some fantastic guest posts coming up and will be kicking off my series themed month this week with reviews of The Declaration/The Resistance and The Legacy by Gemma Mally as well as a review of the first book in a super cute new series. 

3 thoughts on “Read A Series in September!

  1. So.. any review of a book in a series will count? I did just start an excellent series, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find the other books in the series before the end of the month. And that still counts? I think I'll have fun with this one.


  2. Yeah, this sounds great. I just borrowed one book in a series, tommorow I am going back for the second one. I am for sure going to participate. 😉
    I have put your button in my sidebar!


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