Guest Post: Lyndsey (Heaven, Hell and Purgatory book reviews) on The Morganville Vampires

As part of Read-A Series in September month I’ve asked several bloggers if they’d like to write guest posts about their favourite series. This weeks post is from my very good blogging pal, Lyndsey from Heaven, Hell and Purgatory book reviews. Over to you Lyndsey:
The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine has to be my favourite (long) series of the year. It was actually the first long series that I bought too. I got all 8 released books in one go (even though I had no idea what I would think of them) because they were at a price I just couldn’t refuse. Luckily, I loved them all and managed to read them all in just under a week.
The four main characters are unlike any others I have ever read about. People who read my reviews know that I usually hate female characters because a lot of the time they are whiney and a bit pathetic. Morganville’s Claire is really strong and not afraid to say how she feels. She isn’t strong all of the time though which is just one of the things I love about her. There are times when she lets people know that she is terrified and doesn’t really know what she’s doing. Claire is a real girl who has hang ups about the things that other teenagers worry about and it made her really easy to relate to.
Not only is Claire realistic but so are housemates Eve, Michael and Shane. Something that really bugs me in paranormal or fantasy books that have teenage characters is that real life is never really a part of the story. Claire is often seen in her classes at College and everyone has normal jobs. Things like paying rent and being able to afford a car are taken into account which makes me think that Rachel Caine has really thought of every little detail possible. These little things help to add to everything else that I love about this series.
Rachel Caine never fails to amaze me with each new book in the series and I keep wondering how she manages to come up with such interesting ideas. Morganville is so vivid and real that every time I pick up a book from this series, I am instantly transported back there and I feel as though I should be living there myself. I can really imagine what everything looks like, down to the coffee shop and Myrnin’s lab.

Midnight Alley (Book 3) is by far my favourite from the series and basically for one reason. Myrnin. He is one of the best written characters in this whole series because he is so complex. He’s a very old vampire with a lot of life experience and is extremely clever. Well… until he began to get sick and lose his mind anyway. Myrnin is also a funny character because he has been stuck inside for such a long time that he doesn’t have any real sense of what is going on in the outside world and he is very much stuck in whatever time it was when he left the real world. Although Midnight Alleyshows the first appearance of Myrnin, he is a feature character throughout the rest of the series and he only gets better over time.

Book 8, Kiss of Death is the first book where most of the story takes place out of Morganville and I was quite thankful for that. As much as I love everything that happens in the town, it was about time for Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael to get away. This book had such a Resident Evilfeel to it and that made the story really exciting and action packed. I don’t want to say too much in case you haven’t read this series or you aren’t quite this far yet but Kiss of Death will change a lot of what you already thought you knew about these vampires!

The Morganville Vampires is by far the best vampire series that I have read and I never really find much that I don’t like about it. The ideas behind how the town is run and where the vampires are from are very original but there are always parts that I never see coming. The whole series was a complete surprise to me because I wasn’t expecting to love it quite so much. I cant wait for Ghost Town to be released. It has been pre ordered for months now and I will be so excited for the day that it drops though my letterbox. I can see that as a one sitting book!

Thanks Lyndsey, another series I’d love to get round to (but probably not this month!)
Have you read the Morganville vampire series…what did you think?

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Lyndsey (Heaven, Hell and Purgatory book reviews) on The Morganville Vampires

  1. I have heard so many great things about this series and I really would love to read them all. Now after reading Lyndsey's in depth post of why she likes this I am sold. I am going to start collecting these so I can see for myself why so many people love this series.

    Thanks Lyndsey! Great post.


  2. What a fab post! I love it. I've only read the first book in the Morganville series, but I'm really looking forward to the rest 🙂

    Also, can I have a preview of which other series you will highlighting? I'm excited!


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