‘So I Say Thank You For The Book’s’ Featuring Naomi

‘So I say Thank You For The Books…’ is a new weekly feature and where each week someone, blogger or author, tells us who or what inspired their love of reading


This weeks post is from Naomi from Naomi’s Book Reviews

My love of books started when I was very young, my mum and dad always encouraged me and my brother to read, we had a massive book shelf full of books. We did not watch much TV we were told to read instead a lot of the time.
We made great use of the library growing up, it’s a big castle and I always used to be fascinated by it, I still am and I even looked into the history of it the other day and found out that it once belonged to the man that invented Bovril!. There was nothing I liked better than to spend hours in the library picking out a ton of books to read, then we would take all our books home and play libraries and pretend to stamp all the books.
My very favourite childhood book was Wizard of OZ. I remember the book so clearly, I used to read it over and over again and it was worn and old but I loved it. I actually asked my mum if she still has it, because I would love to pass it on to my son when he is old enough. Other books I loved were Enid Blyton, Sweet Valley High books (my brother used to read these with me, we actually used to argue over who was going to read which one LOL)
As I got older I remember I always had either a Danielle Steel or Virginia Andrews book stashed in my school bag and I would read them on the bus to and from school and at home. I think I have read nearly all of both authors books.
Back in 2006 I started my book blog just for myself as a place to record what I had read and my thoughts, there was not much of a book review community as there is now, since receiving books for review I have really broadened my reading genre’s I like to read most genre’s as long as the book is well written and has a page turning storyline I will read it, I will most certainly give most books a chance, where as before I was very rigid in the type of books I would read.
My love of reading has been steady from childhood until today and I have even started writing and hope that one day i will be able to publish my book, but we will see. My brother has written a manuscript that he also plans to get published in the future. He to is still an avid reader, I am trying to get him to start a blog but he is to busy for one at the moment.
I doubt my love for books will ever die! I would rather go and buy a whole load of books than a whole load of clothes (much to my mothers dismay), my son seems to also have a love for books and I will be actively be encouraging him to read as he grows up.

Would you like to be featured in So I Say Thank You For The Books…? I’m looking for bloggers and authors who would like to write a guest post for this weekly feature.

Is there one particular person who inspired your love of books? It could be a relative, teacher, librarian, a particular author…anyone. It could even be a ‘thing’…perhaps a movie prompted you to look up the book which inspired it or a specific event occurred and you’ve never looked back? It’s up to you…now’s your chance to tell us all about it! (Obviously, for privacy reasons, we don’t need full names and photo’s of people!)

There’s more details hereYou can be as creative as you like and don’t have to follow a specific format. Feel free to email me with any questions!

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2 thoughts on “‘So I Say Thank You For The Book’s’ Featuring Naomi

  1. Naomi, I have great memories of the local library where I got to go after school with my sister or friends. Libraries always had a fascination for me, but after seeing this one my were hovels in comparison. Still they had wonderful priceless books and that is all that counts. Thanks for sharing your memories!


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