Finding Sky UK Blog Tour

Today is my stop on the UK blog tour for Finding Sky by Joss Stirling!

I really loved Finding Sky, especially the idea of Savants, something completely new to the YA paranormal book shelves. Today Joss tells us why being a Savant could help at school or college.

Seven reasons why being a Savant can help you get on in life at school or college: 
1. Telekinesis (making things move) – You and the Most Annoying Girl in the Year are both making a move on the same guy.  Imagine being able to make a can of drink mysteriously up end over her perfect hair sending her running for the bathroom.  Result: the field is left clear for you.  This gift would also make even a klutz seriously impressive at sport, bending every ball in to the back of the net, thus improving your image all round. 
2. Seeing the future – the downside of this gift is that it seems not to work well on those you know and love so you have to be clever how you use it to your advantage.  Answer: focus on seeing someone in your class who is outside your circle of friends, see them taking the upcoming exam.  It’s going to be the same questions for you, right?  So why not get a sneak peak?  Uh-oh, I think that is cheating so maybe we should only imagine this one! 
3. Sensing where things have come from – great way to check if you are having doubts that your rat of boyfriend is two timing you.  Touch his jacket and find out its recent history.  If it was innocently hanging on a peg at home as he claimed, then you owe him an apology; if out with another girl, then why not use 1 to make your displeasure known? 
4.  Reading emotional colours – if you are like Sky, you have the key to the real person behind everyone’s external behaviour.  You’ll know if someone is lying to you – or if they love you.  Should help you to sort out the soulmates from the love rats in a twinkle of an eye. 
5.  Healing – while there are lots of noble uses for this gift, it also comes in handy for those fashion-disaster moments.  Remember that pair of shoes that looked so great in the window but are hell to wear?  A few minutes with a healing touch and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the night on the dance floor. 
6.  Sensing threats and danger – a useful gift to have in the jungle that is the school corridors.  It will alert you to the approach of the year’s bully and her cronies so you can duck out of range, or to the arrival of that teacher who is keen on handing out reprimands for any slight infraction of the rules. 
7.  And finally telepathy.  Now how cool would it be to be able to talk to your mates without anyone knowing?  No more confiscations of phones for texting during lessons!  You can chat away during the most boring classes and none would be the wiser.  Only works as long as your friends were Savants too, of course. 

Thanks Joss! 

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Finding Sky was published in the UK September 2010

Don’t forget to follow the whole tour, yesterday’s stop was at Narratively Speaking and tomorrows will be at My Favourite Books

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