Book review: Strange Angels by Lili St Crow

Dru Anderson: Night Hunter. Knife Wielder. Heart Breaker. Dru can sense evil, which helps when she and her Dad are tracking down ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the occasional reanimated corpse. It’s a dangerous life, but it’s the only one she knows. Then Dru’s dad turns up dead and she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a deadly game where every move she makes could be her last. Dru is more special than she realizes – and whatever killed her dad could be coming for her next. Can Dru stay alive long enough to fall for one – or both – of the guys hungry for her affections? Find out in the heart-stopping first book in a thrilling series. (From
There are many things about Strange Angels that make it seem like a typical YA paranormal book, until you start reading and realise it’s completely different. What’s so utterly striking is Lili St Crow’s raw, edgy writing style, which I absolutely loved.
Dru hasn’t had a typical childhood. Brought up by her hunter Father since the death of her mother many years ago, she’s been moved from place to place, school to school; constantly on the move chasing creatures from the real world she’s tough. She has to be. But when her Dad turns up as a living dead Dru is plunged into a situation that just seems out of her control. All alone she’s scared and doesn’t know where to turn. Step in Graves, street kid with ambition and a huge heart. But will untrained and trusting Graves turn out to be more of liability to Dru as the secrets of her past are revealed? Can a girl in her position risk getting close to anyone?
I loved Dru. She’s a truly kick ass heroine, rough, raw and real. Her reactions and emotions are gritty and believable no matter how unpleasant and I both pitied her being left all alone in danger, and admired her strong fighting spirit. I also loved her snarky dialogue too; Dru’s absolutely my kinda girl and one of my favourite female characters I’ve read about recently. I also really loved Graves too. He’s streetwise and naïve in equal measures and so adorable he completely stole my heart. Fiercely loyal to Dru, even when she shrugs him away, the pair of misfit loners really do bounce of each other and have real chemistry. I wasn’t so keen on the third character, Christopher, possible love rival, although he is also intriguing with a real air of mystery and because I’m still unsure what he is actually about.

Strange Angels is a fast paced, action packed, gritty and edgy paranormal story and throughout the book I wasn’t sure where things where going to go. Sometimes it can be a little too fast and at times I had to reread full passages to fully understand them but this is really my only complaint. There’s a whole host of supernatural creatures to get to grips with both traditional and new. Reading it was thoroughly exciting from start to finish and the ending takes an interesting turn which will leave you racing for the next book in the series as soon as you’ve finished. 

10 thoughts on “Book review: Strange Angels by Lili St Crow

  1. I was skeptical reading the description of this book–too many creatures–it sounds too fantastical, but your take on it made me pause and did arouse my curiosity. Now I want to know what's going on. Nice review.


  2. Hello fellow blogger! new follower to your page here. Just wanted to drop some *love* and say that you have a wonderful blog here! I'm new to blogging and would love if you could return the favor and follow my page! Happy Blogging!


  3. I have seen this title before but this is the first review I have read about it. I love strong female characters, so I think I would really enjoy this one, and the mystery about her dad's deaths and what is coming for her is quite intriguing. Your review has me very curious about this book. Thanks


  4. I really loved this one. I adore Graves. He is such a puppy. Dru is a brilliant heroine too. Everyone tld me Betrayals wasn't as good but I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to start Jealousy.


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