So I Say Thank You For The Books…featuring Richard Denning

‘So I Say Thank You For The Books…’ is a regular feature were we invite authors and book bloggers to share with us who or what inspired their love of books.

Today we have a post by Richard Denning, author of Tomorrow’s Guardian as part of his blog tour.
Over to you Richard…
If there is one person who I must thank for switching me onto the wonder of books and of reading, it would have to be my mother, Margaret. Before I could read it was she that would read to me and it was she that also taught me how to read. So my mother got me reading but I think it was my uncle, Jeremy who really sparked my imagination. We would go and stay for weekends at a house he had in High Wycombe. All I recall from those visits to his house was that it was located on an incredibly steep street and that the room I slept in seemed, to a six or seven year old boy, to be simply full of books. I think it was in fact only his spare room, and probably just where he would store things he had no other place for, but for me it was a joy. It was there that I first discovered books which I never even knew existed. Over the next few years it became for me almost a treasure trove ready for the plunder.

It was indeed in my uncle’s spare room that I first read The Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit and to this day they remain my favourite books. If life is full of stress, I only have to read the opening chapters of either and I am swept off to a different world. Other favourite authors are Bernard Cornwell and his historical fiction books and Terry Pratchett and his brilliant discworld novels. Both of these author’s books have for 20+ years have been mandatory reading for me. There have been a host of other great books of course: Raymond Feist and David Eddings fantasy series, George Macdonald Frazer’s well researched and enthralling Flashman books, Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian saga and Steven Saylor’s Roman Mysteries being high points also. Lately I have enjoyed discovering the works of Helen Hollick and I am currently reading her Harold the King Novel which is excellent.

There are two other people I must include in this post and these are the people with whom I have most shared the books I am reading. My father, John, like me is a keen historical fiction fan whilst my wife, Jane enjoys science fiction and fantasy. Together we have devoured the same books, discussed the plots and looked forward together to the sequels.

It is these people above all others who have inspired my love of reading and in turn nurtured and encouraged me as a writer. Indeed, this blog is part of a book tour which celebrates the release of a new edition, in paperback, of my teen time travel novel Tomorrow’s Guardian.

In Tomorrow’s Guardian, schoolboy Tom Oakley discovers he can travel through time. This might sound like an exciting talent but he soon finds that the world is full of individuals who want to use his abilities to their own aims – some for profit, some to protect the world and others to bend history to their will. Tom’s families are obliterated and he must now make the impossible choice: save them or save the world. Tomorrow’s Guardian : Time Travel sounds like fun until you try it.

Richard Denning

Tomorrow’s Guardian Paperback – Follow the book tour:

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One thought on “So I Say Thank You For The Books…featuring Richard Denning

  1. I love finding out what sparked the reading habits in others and think it is lovely that Richard took part in this wonderful post. His book sounds like a book that my students would love especially my guys. Thanks.


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