Blog Tour Stop! Top 5 guest post by Sophie Jordan

Today we are taking part in the blog tour for Sophie Jordan’s Firelight. We asked Sophie what her top 5 fantasy creatures in literature were and you can see how she responded below:

1) Well, I can’t deny it. Vampires. Since Bram Stoker, they’ve been done again and again, but they’re fascinating and sexy and scary and, thankfully, they are always being reinvented. It’s seeing the new twists that keep me coming back. You’ll never meet the same vampire twice in a book. Isn’t that comforting?
2) Well, Mary Shelley really scared me in Frankenstein, but she also pulled at my heartstrings. Frankenstein’s monster was terrifying and yet pitiable. Both the villain and heroic.
3) Dragons! Of course! They’ve been around in fantasy novels for a long time, and I had a lot of fun giving them a sexy and contemporary spin and breaking new ground with my “draki” in Firelight.
4) The witch in CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia drove a chill right to my heart. She definitely gets a shout out as a terrifying character.
5) All right … picking a fifth one was really tough. I tend to lean toward the darker stuff. No faeries or angels (although I know they can be dark, too) or mermaids. I’m going to say: werewolf. Like vampires, werewolf lore varies depending on the book. It can always be reinvented, always unique. I mean, they can be good/evil/wolf-like/monstrous. You name it. But whatever the case, you’re talking about some cool supernatural powers.
Thanks so much Sophie! Would this top 5 be the same as anyone elses?
Next stop on the tour will be at My Favourite Books on Monday so make sure you check out what’s going on over there!!
Also, later on today Vicki will be posting her review of Firelight so come back then and see what she thought of it.

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