Book Review: Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Forget You is a contemporary YA novel by Jennifer Echols. It was released on 20th July 2010 by MTV Books and the book is 304 pages long.

Zoey has a lot she wants to forget. Her Dad’s affair with someone not that much older than her. Her Mum’s mental breakdown that only one person at school knows about. There is one thing she desperately wants to remember though. What happened during her car crash.

Zoey can’t remember the whole night before the car crash and certain people are acting pretty strange around her. Doug, the guy she always thought hated her is being way too nice and more than friendly towards her and she has no idea why., Then there is Brandon. The guy she thought was her boyfriend barely speaks to her and acts nothing like a boyfriend should. All Zoey remembers about the crash is Doug pulling her out and saving her. When her whole world comes crashing down around her, Zoey finds that the one person she would never have turned to is the one person she could rely on the most.

What I thought
After reading Going Too Far, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another book by Jennifer Echols. With her newest being released in the summer and now on pre-order, I decided to go for Forget You, her most recent release.

I hate to say it but I really wanted to slap Zoey. I don’t think I have ever been so annoyed with a character for a long time now but others on the same line as her would be Ever Bloom and Bella Swan. Two female characters who annoy the hell out of me. After not acting like herself and sleeping with Brandon, the hot football player, she assumes he is her boyfriend, without even saying about this to him. It’s all she goes on about for the majority of the book and I really wanted to scream at her ‘He isn’t your boyfriend!’. What annoyed me the most about this is that how many girls just assume this after sleeping with someone? Especially someone who tells you all of his girl problems and how he likes to sleep around/ not be tied down? He obviously isn’t the boyfriend type so I don’t know why she thought this in the first place.

Even though she annoyed me, I still ended up feeling a bit sorry for Zoey. At the beginning of the book, it is clear that she is having quite a hard time, with her father getting a younger girl pregnant and her mother having a complete breakdown. I could understand why she acted out a bit and did a few crazy things which were very unlike her. Throughout the book, Zoey does change quite a lot and that was something I was glad to see. At the beginning she was pretty shallow, being all about being perfect in every sense but this doesn’t last too long.

Now Doug on the other hand, I absolutely loved. He doesn’t have the best reputation and no one really knows a whole lot about him. Mysterious bad boy at his best. I wanted to know more about him instantly. Even though he had the whole mysterious thing going, it was clear that he had a softer side, especially when it came to Zoey. Considering she didn’t treat him very well, I couldn’t understand this completely until the story began to expand. He slowly becomes a completely different person but one I loved just as much. He also isn’t perfect for Zoey which was different for a contemporary novel. He says the wrong things, does the wrong things and completely messes up at times but because of his faults and mistakes, I loved him even more. It made him more real.

The mystery of what actually happened the night of the crash was great. I was never altogether sure what had happened and even though I had a few guesses, it wasn’t revealed until quite near the end. The way Zoey pieces together what happened that night is paced just right. Nothing is revealed too quickly but little things are hinted at the whole way through. Not being able to remember something as big as being in a car crash must have been extremely scary so I could understand why she freaked out about not knowing. I would have been terrified if that had been me.

What I love most about Jennifer Echols’ books is how real they are. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that teenagers drink, they party and they have sex. The teenagers in her books are very real and easy to relate to because of this. Also, even though this is a YA novel, it is extremely steamy. I’m talking steamy to the point where I needed to cool down a little bit. For anyone who has read this book, I’m sure you will understand which part I am talking about. For those of you who haven’t, be excited for chapter 12. This being said, these scenes are done tastefully and without taking them too far. There was just the right amount of description and action happening and the chemistry was amazing.

So even though Zoey annoyed the hell out of me, this book is still all kinds of awesome. Never have I come across a YA author who is able to write teenagers so perfectly and is able to add in the reality of what they get up to without taking it too far. Each book I read by this author makes me love her even more and now, I can’t wait to get my hands on something else by her. Jennifer Echols’ writing is gripping, fresh and needed in the YA genre. You will not be able to put this book down!

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Forget You by Jennifer Echols

  1. Jennifer Echols is among my favourite contemporary authors! I loved Going Too Far more than Forget You but I still enjoyed this one a lot. I fell for Doug too but wasn't a great fan of Zoey's either, lol. Great review! 🙂


  2. Trust me, you were not alone in finding Zoey's character very frustrating…I totally had the same “He ISN'T your boyfriend, how can you not see that???” reaction. Doug was definitely more likeable LOL 😀


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