Forgive My Fins UK Blog Tour! Tera Lynn Childs on the inspiration behind the book.

Today as part of her UK blog tour as well as Summer Lovin’ 2011, we’re thrilled to welcome Tera Lynn Childs to the blog to talk about the inspiration behind Forgive My Fins.


There is one question I get asked at almost every book signing, author visit and blog interview when I’m talking about Forgive My Fins: What inspired me to write this story?

Once, in a fit of complete lunacy, I decided to teach seventh grade science. I love kids (even twelve year olds) but teaching them was … a challenge. When the school year was over I was exhausted, mentally and physically, and I had hardly written a word in months. I needed a getaway, so I took myself to Florida for part of the summer.

I was in a condo on the Gulf coast and got to spend a lot of time on the beach. I would sit there on the sand, watching the afternoon thunderstorms roll in, and drift back to my childhood mermaid fantasy. One day I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if a merman could walk out of the Gulf and bestow the magical powers of his people with a kiss?”

Of course I was thinking of myself, wishing a merman would come turn me into a mermaid and take me back under the sea with him. But then I started liking the idea more and more. It would make the perfect premise for a book.

In a book, though, there would have to be conflict. The mermaid with the magical kisses would need a lot at stake, like if she was a mermaid princess who had a lot of mer duties on her shoulders. And the kiss couldn’t go smoothly, because that would be too easy and boring. Instead, I wondered, what if she accidentally kissed the wrong boy?

The mermaid princess turned out to be Lily Sanderson. The wrong boy turned out to be Quince Fletcher. The kiss gone awry happens in a darkened library on the night of the Spring Fling dance. And that’s how Forgive My Fins was born.

Forgive My Fins is published in the UK by Templar July 2011

You can read the first chapter Here

Come back later today for my review!

3 thoughts on “Forgive My Fins UK Blog Tour! Tera Lynn Childs on the inspiration behind the book.

  1. I want to sit in my condo looking out over the Gulf of Mexico and write. Sigh! Instead I sit watching the plants outside in my garden. Great post, even though it left me envious.


  2. What a great post, Tera!

    I've not heard of your book before -sounds great. I love the fact that you are so open and honest about your fantasies! We all do it right?

    Just to think that such a great story can be brought about by relaxing and having fun. I feel all inspired now and want to get back to writing my own novel. Thanks! All the best!


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