Alyson Noel UK Blog Tour: Everlasting Book Launch Party Report

On Monday 11th July I was lucky enough to be invited to Alyson Noel’s UK launch party for Everlasting  in London *SQUUUEEE* along with fellow UK bloggers Sarah, Hayley, Casey, Alice, Stacey and Jo

We’d already met up early in the day along with the team at Macmillan Children’s AND Alyson Noel (who is so lovely and funny, she put us all at ease at once) at the Bloggers Brunch (you can read about this at Dark Readers) and were feeling much less nervous but far more excited!

We arrived a little early, so waited outside chatting to Lauren and Hattie of MacMillan’s, who warned us how fantastic it looked inside. And they were right! The basement venue was dark with concrete and wood decor…very atmospheric! But it was the decorations that made it so stunning, vases of tulips and candles were everywhere as were Alyson’s gorgeous books. It looked fantastic!

Firstly we found seats and grabbed ourselves an Elixer (!) cocktail which I have to say were delicious!

Sarah, Me, Stacey

 Alice, Casey, Hayley

Next, I managed to offer ,myself up first for a tarot card reading. This is something I’d wanted to do for a long time and it was fascinating! It may have been general, but I could relate to some things she told me and definitely took something from it!



There was also a nail bar, which I didn’t get to visit but Alice and Stacey did at some point in the night. (not in this picture though)

Then Alyson Noel gave a very emotional speech. She also made a huge point of thanking bloggers and what they do to promote reading which was lovely of her. I had a little lump in my throat then!

Alyson Noel

There was food and the most gorgeous cupcakes, which I’m afraid I didn’t manage to take a picture of before I ate it! Then we managed to grab Alyson who very kindly signed our many books. 

 Jo and Alyson

 Me and Alyson

Sarah and Alyson

The night was over way too quickly and was without doubt one of my best experiences as a blogger to date. Huge thanks to the whole team at Macmillan Children’s books for putting on such a fantastic event and inviting us along (in particular Lauren, Hattie and Sally) and to Alyson Noel who is truly lovely and approachable and an inspiration. 

Pictures by Sarah of

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