Guest Post: Raimy shares her top three summer dream bookish destinations!

Today we have the lovely Raimy from Readaraptor with us to share her top three summer dream bookish destinations!

First of all is a place which really is a dream… mainly because it isn’t actually there
anymore but I would love it if it was a regular thing that the beach and the company
involved did like once a year!

What was it? Ikea’s celebration of Billy Bookcase’s 30th birthday; beach library

Where was it? Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

History: Last year to celebrate the 30th birthday of their well known, and loved, Billy
Bookcases Ikea stored 30 of the shelves in a curved line across Bondi Beach in
Sydney. The shelves actually made up the “world’s longest bookshelves” but were
only in place for one day. Locals were asked to either swap their books or make a
donation for new books to the Australian Literacy Foundation.

Why I would have wanted to go there or for it to be a regular event: How cool
would it be to visit a beach library? Especially in Sydney (or any other hot country…
an English Beach Library would just result in the books getting wet!) Maybe
Ikea could work in conjunction with lots of hot countries and let their shelves go
wandering… The Birthday Bash was in January 2010 so it would have only worked
in a country that was hot in February but I vote for a midyear one in like Spain… I’d
travel to that!
If you would like to see more photos of this, you can find them here:

My second destination is not only for books but for other things as well…

What is it? Edinburgh International Book Festival

Where is it? Edinburgh

History: Starting back in 1983 the Edinburgh Book Festival is just one of the events
which happens in Edinburgh each year. The very first year it began there were
around 30 actual events whereas now, there are hundreds of events spread across
the two week festival. This year the festival features events from authors David
Almond, Theresa Breslin, Julia Donaldson and Roddy Doyle.

Why I want to go there: With such a fantastic line up and with it being on at the
same time as the Fringe Festival, to be honest I want to spend most of my summer
living in Edinburgh just so I can go to all the events! I have never been to a literature
festival and if I could tick that off my list along with the fringe festival, meeting some
great authors and visiting Edinburgh it would be awesome!

And my third and final destination is me cheating a bit to be honest! None of you
readers will be able to visit this place but it is top of my Dream Bookish Destinations
any summer!

What is it? My parent’s garden

Where is it? Bulgaria

History: Well there’s not much history… other than the fact that my parents live
in a gorgeous house in the middle of a rural village in Bulgaria. They have one
of the nicest gardens ever which has a pool, sun loungers and a nice patio. Last
time I went I spent three weeks doing nothing but reading, seriously I took like 15
books and bought more there as I ran out of stuff to read! I would love to just hop
on a plane for two reasons; firstly Id get to see my folks, but secondly and more
importantly I have a HUGE TBR and I could do with two or three weeks in the middle
of nowhere to get some of it read! Hehe

Anyway, that is it for my Top Three Summer Dream Bookish Destinations! I hope
you have enjoyed and many thanks to Vicki and Lyndsey for letting me be a part of
the Summer Lovin’ feature!

Thanks so much Raimy for this wonderful guest post. Does any one else have any dream destinations?

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