Interview with Julia Green + Giveaway

Today, we are happy to host an interview with Julia Green, author of books such as Drawing With Light and Breathing Underwater. 

As we are focusing on summer romance this month, could you tell us a little bit about a summer romance you have had in the past?
A summer romance from the past: I’d have to choose a summer from my teenage years, with the beautiful boy who is the inspiration for my character Seb in Drawing with Light. It lasted longer than a summer, in fact, but summer was the happiest time when romance blossomed. He had finished his A levels and was working as an ice-cream seller at a local beauty spot in the countryside, but most of the day no one was buying ice creams and he filled the time by writing letters to me, on thin blue paper  with a blue pen… my first love letters!  We spent hours alone together in the long warm summer evenings  …  with a picnic rug, lying under the stars …

If you could pick any celebrity, who would you choose to have a summer romance with?
I’m  really not  into  the whole celebrity thing, so I can’t answer that question! I’d settle for someone I know now … but that’s all I can say!

Where would be your perfect summer holiday destination?
My perfect summer holiday destination is a Greek island away from the crowds … a beach backed by olive trees, with a small beach café where they cook fresh fish and serve iced coffee

What is you perfect summer read?
My perfect summer read : The German Boy by Patricia Wastvedt: a beautifully written, dark, troubling novel about two families in the period between the wars, with a love story at its centre which will make your heart ache.

Which three books would you choose to take on a beach holiday with you? 
Three books to take on holiday: I’m re-reading D.H. Lawrence The Rainbow at the moment, so I’ll take his Women in Love to read next.  Plus  my friend Moira Young’s  amazing debut novel  Blood Red Road, and a new novel by David Almond which isn’t published yet  called The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean.

Some authors do certain things while they write like listen to music etc. Do you have to do anything like this while you write?
I often listen to a particular piece of music to get me into the mood for the book I’m writing. For Hunters’s Heart, it was  Road to St Ives by John Surman;  Bob Dylan  was the sound track for  writing Baby Blue;  at the moment I’m listening to classical music ( Finzi’s clarinet concerto). Sometimes I just have the radio burbling in the background.

Do you have any songs that always remind you of summer?
Songs that remind me of summer:  Summertime, (this one has lots of romantic associations for me!);  Dream a Little Dream of Me ( Mamas and Papas: from long journeys down to the south of France on camping holidays);  Cara Dillon singing Lark in the Clear Air ( I listened to this a lot when I was writing Breathing Underwater).

What is your favourite, feel good, summer movie? 
Feel Good Summer Movie:  Little Miss Sunshine  : funny, life-affirming film about a family

What is your favourite book of all time and why?

Favourite book of all time:  sooooo hard to choose one.  In the end, I decided on I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith; because of the main character: funny, clever 17 year old Cassandra, who is writing the story in a series of notebooks. It’s about a family, and growing up, and falling in love, but in unusual and unexpected circumstances. Romantic, but not in a way you’d expect. Read it!

You can find out more about Julia and her books here:

With a big thanks to the publisher, we are giving away copies of Breathing Underwater and Drawing With Light to one lucky winner. All you need to do is fill in the form below by 3rd August when we will be picking a winner at random. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before we will pick another winner. Giveaway is UK only unfortunately. Good luck! 

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