Book Review: Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready

Shift is the second book in the Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready. It was published on 9th June by Simon and Schuster and the book is 384 pages long.

For a teenage girl, Aura has had to go through a hell of a lot, way more than any normal teenager would. Her rock star boyfriend Logan died not that long ago and now switches in and out of two different states, being a ghost and being a shade. Since his death, Aura has found it extremely difficult to deal with what has happened and can’t quite figure out how to move on, especially as she knows how much he needs her help. Even though Aura loves Logan, there is a connection with the hot Scottish guy Zachary that she cannot deny…and doesn’t want to.

Both boys are fighting for Aura’s attentions but only one of them can have her heart. Before she can decide anything, Aura needs to figure out the mystery of the Shift and how it all connects with her past…making her exactly who she is now. As the mystery unfolds, Aura’s decision only gets more difficult.

What I thought
The first book in this series, Shade, was the first book I ever got for review and it was also my favourite book of the whole of last year. I have been dying to read the sequel since putting down Shade a whole year ago and I was so happy when I finally got it in my hands.

Love triangles seem to be done to death in YA books over the last year and I honestly thought I had had enough of them but Jeri Smith-Ready makes me change my mind. The Aura, Zachary, Logan love triangle is such a fabulous thing to read about because it is so different from any other I have ever read about. As Logan is already dead at the beginning of this book, I was really wondering how the relationship between him and Aura could even continue but I was pleasantly surprised with how this was figured out. I really thought that the love triangle was going to be solved in a really simple way but as I was getting into the story, I realised that it was still anybody’s game when it comes to Aura.

As much as I loved Logan, (because who wouldn’t want a rock star hot guy playing a guitar with a swoon worthy singing voice?) the soft spot I had for Zachary just would not go away. I think that a big part of this was due to how real he was to me and that I could picture him perfectly. Having a (now ex) Scottish male best friend really helped me to picture Zachary and after years of hearing his weird slang, I knew exactly what was being said. The use of language was damn perfect for me from this character and it really helped me to have a whole picture of him in my head.

Now Aura was a character who I couldn’t help but feel sorry for. I can’t imagine everything that must have been going through her head when it came to choosing between these two fabulous boys. On each side, I could see why she would want to choose each one. Zach is obviously the hot foreign guy who is so completely different to her first love, Logan. There are also large parts of the story surrounding each character which makes her decision so hard. Aura can see the good in both Zach and Logan and in her head, has reasons for why she should be with each of them, even if there are difficulties on both sides too. There are some pretty major twists when it comes to the romance department in this book and I loved where Aura’s relationships were taken.

Shift is about so much more than a love triangle though. Learning more about the Shift was really what made this book for me. I had so many questions after Shade and while they weren’t all answered, a lot was. I really had no idea where the story was going to be taken and what the reasoning would be behind certain things but I was so happy with the way it did go. This aspect of the book made it so different from its predecessor but it also tied in extremely well at the same time. While not everything was a complete shock to me, most of it was and I really enjoyed finding out a little bit at a time instead of the whole answer being thrown at me in one go.

As well as learning more about what the whole series is about, there is something in this book for everyone. I really liked the fact that there was a large amount of mystery and action in a place where I wouldn’t expect it to be at all. Because of this change in pace, it makes the book a lot more exciting than the first and gives it a completely different feel. The pace of the book changes constantly due to the different themes running throughout and I thought that this was a nice touch. It always felt like the impossible could happen and that I would never know what was about to happen next. As well as the adventure side to Shift, it is also largely about love and loss and not just for Aura. Starting over and having to deal with some pretty terrible situations is something that a lot of the characters have to deal with.

The ending of Shift left me so full of hope for the third book, Shine but also with a lot of questions. A good chunk of the story was explained in this book but I can see that there is still a hell of a lot more to come and I can’t wait to see what is in store next for Aura. On a quick final note, Jeri Smith-Ready made me cry once again although not for the same reasons as in Shade. I really hope that Shine will be a tear free read but I can’t say that I am too sure that it will happen.

Shift is every bit as good as Shade and very high up on the list of my favourite books of this year. I wasn’t disappointed even a little bit!

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