Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay is the third and final book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. It was released on 25th August 2010 by Scholastic and the book is 448 pages long.

Most people only ever go through The Hunger Games once and most of them don’t come out alive. Katniss Everdeen has been through the treacherous games twice now and has come out alive, although battered, both times. Now that she has escaped President Snow’s sick games she should be safe, she should be well and she should be getting on with her life. Instead, President Snow has declared an all out war on Katniss and everyone she is close to as well as any of the other rebels.

Katniss’ plan was never to save herself though. It was always to save Peeta and her family but with things going from bad to worse at every new turn, Katniss wonders whether or not she can succeed at her mission of being the Mockingjay, the face of the rebellion and the person to bring down the Capitol. Is the fight going to be worth the end outcome?

What I thought
Having read the first book in this trilogy and loving it, I heard so many mixed reviews about the other two books. Some people loved them more than the first and some even went as far as to tell me to not bother reading them. Not one to follow what anyone else says, I wanted to carry on with the trilogy at my own pace and so I did. I am bloody glad I did too!

So much happens in this book and I cant quite believe how much, especially in less than 500 pages. Normally I would say that the pacing was rushed and that things weren’t done to their full potential but for some reason, here, Collins makes it work perfectly. The country is at war and different things are happening in the different districts/ the Capitol so it seemed only natural that people were moving quickly from one place to the next within a matter of days. Wars aren’t about sitting on your ass waiting for things to happen so I liked that there was a lot of get up and go from all involved. This made the war aspect of the book feel real and it added to the tension and excitement of what was going to happen next.

I think anyone who hasn’t read this book needs to be warned just how brutal it is. Having mentioned a war already, it is fairly obvious that there is violence and death in this book but I have to say that there is a lot of it. While there was both of these things in the previous books, it wasn’t done on this level. Not only that but there is quite a lot to do with mental health and psychological damage this time around but I was glad to see this. No one could go through what these characters have without being troubled in one way or another so I was happy to see that it had been addressed and in the right way. Yes, some of it is a bit disturbing and anyone who has read it will know which parts I am talking about but I don’t think it was done unnecessarily. This book definitely needed a harshness and Collins gave it to us.

Mockingjay is very much a rollercoaster of emotions and this was something that I loved about the book. Not only did it make me cry (quite a few times) but it also made me laugh, it make me feel compassion, hatred and jealousy all at the same time. I don’t think I could have ever been prepared for what this book was going to be, no matter what anyone said about it. The fact that so many horrible things happen in this book yet Collins still manages to bring feelings of happiness, joy and love to a reader is an amazing thing in itself without even thinking about the rest of the book. Who knew that a book with a topic like this could bring out so many unexpected emotions.

The ending is the only part of this book, quite possibly the trilogy as a whole, that I didn’t completely agree with. After so much action, so much death and generally so much, the ending was a bit of a let down. I was glad to see Katniss end up with who she did but the ending seemed a bit rushed. Not very long after the massive build up that was the whole book is Katniss getting on with her life again without much explanation as to what has been happening. I think I would have maybe preferred if the last couple of pages had been done as an epilogue instead of just being thrown in with the main story. This would have definitely had more of an ‘after’ feel to it rather than it to feel like a rushed ending.

Mockingjay is the end of one fabulous trilogy that I wish I hadn’t put off reading now. The books are soon being made into films and I am quite excited to see whether or not they are done right and what they are going to miss out/ what rating they will actually be given. With so much violence etc, will they be done to suit a younger teen audience or will they be giving a rating of at least 15 which they wel deserve?

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

  1. I agree about the ending, and I also felt it was rushed, but liked this overall. I know what you mean about not ever being prepared! Glad you enjoyed it overall – my favourite part was the last line – one of the best last lines ever in my opinion! Great review :).


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