Book Review: My Soul To Steal by Rachel Vincent

My Soul To Steal is the fourth book in the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent. It was published by Mira Ink on 21st October and the book is 304 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

After Kaylee Cavanaugh’s boyfriend Nash became addicted to Demon’s Breath, making up and trusting him again is extremely hard and it isn’t the only thing she has on her mind. Kaylee is a Bean Sidhe, a banshee who screams right before people are about to die! If that wasn’t enough to deal with, Nash’s ex-girlfriend that Kaylee knew nothing about has just turned up in town and enrolled at the same school. Like Kaylee, Sabine is no ordinary teenager. She is a mara… a real life nightmare… literally! In order to stay alive, Sabine must drain energy from people’s nightmares and as people are dying in their sleep, she is at the top of Kaylee’s suspect list.
In order to get Nash back and to get rid of the crazy ex-girlfriend, Kaylee must uncover what is really going on before something extremely bad happens. However, Sabine has other ideas and knowing Kaylee’s deepest, darkest fears and she isn’t afraid to use them against her to get everything she wants!
What I thought
This is a series that has quickly become a favourite of mine. As soon as I finish one book, I am left desperately wanting the next one but they just don’t come out quickly enough! 
This doesn’t happen much but Kaylee is a character that doesn’t really bug me a whole lot. During a series of books, the main character usually has a point where I want to slap her but not with this one. Even after all Kaylee has had to deal with, she is still strong and mostly knows what she wants. This book is a little bit of an exception when it comes to the latter because of her situation with Nash but I could overlook that. As Nash hurt Kaylee so badly, she has a lot going on in her head and this makes it harder for her to make solid choices but I could totally relate to this. Still, even with this going on, Kaylee still tries to be the best she can be and to stop bad things from happening.
What I loved about this book compared with the rest of the series is that it steps up the adult themes a notch. Now, I know this is still a young adult book but it is aimed at the older end of the spectrum and I like that! Too many authors shy away from the topic of sex and relationships in a real way so I was glad to see this explored a lot more in this book. Sex between Kaylee and Nash has been an issue in the previous instalments but I liked the way the story was taken this time around, especially with the addition of Sabine. 
Sabine was really a breath of fresh air for this series and although she causes problems, big problems, for Kaylee, I really want her to stick around. She added a very fresh and new kind of character to an already fantastic series. Due to having a hell of a lot more life experience, everything about her is different; from the way she talks to the way she acts/ reacts to certain situations. I know Kaylee and Emma would never act in the same way but this is why I loved her so much. Sabine also added a real human (forgetting that she is infact not human!) element to the story which hasn’t really been seen in this way before now.
As for the plot, I loved it. I am always astounded by how many different situations Rachel Vincent can come up with for Kaylee and the gang without sounding monotonous. Her imagination is certainly wild but it is also extremely entertaining. The Netherworld is brought back into the plot once again but this time, not quite so much. I do love the parts set in The Netherworld but it is also nice to see the characters react in the real world without having crazy plants or demons to contend with at the same time. The main idea of the plot was interesting and instantly had my attention as soon as things began to happen!
Overall, I think this is my favourite in the series so far. I am so excited to see what Sabine has up her sleeve next and I am really praying that she doesn’t run off any time soon. Once again, Rachel Vincent had me start a book and not move until it was finished!

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