Dave Cousin’s Fifteen Days Without A Head Blog Tour

Today it’s our stop on Dave Cousin’s Fifteen Days Without a Head blog tour to celebrate publication of his book of the same name. Over to you Dave:

A Day in the Life of an Author – Photo Story! 
7:30 Get up, feed the cats. Make tea. 


8:00 Shower 
8:30 Get dressed to face arctic conditions in my attic workroom. 

9:00 Check e-mail and schedule for the day. 

9:30 Writing (in my special Word Wig and Cap of Inspiration) 

11:00 “Whose round is it?” Make tea. 

11:15 Writing not going so well. I knew I shouldn’t have removed the Word Wig. 

11:30 Book delivery saves me from further torment. Martha does a quick check for illegal substances. 

12:00 Lunch with author friends from The Edge. More tea. (left to right: me, Katy Dale, Sara Grant, Bryony Pearce, Miriam Halahmy) 

1:00 Off to do a school author visit, loaded up with props. 

5:00 Back for a well-earned cuppa. 

5:30 Check e-mail and update website. 

8:00 Catch train into London for book launch. 

12:00 The end of another exhausting day in the life of an author. Bed.

Two brothers. One cartoon dog. And a load of trouble.

Meet Laurence, fifteen years old and six feet tall. Very soon, he’ll dress up as his mum and impersonate a dead man on the radio. Meet Jay, his six year old brother. He looks like an angel but thinks he’s a dog. He’ll sink his teeth into anyone who gets in the way. Today is Tuesday and the next fifteen days will change the boys’ lives for ever.

Published January 2012 by Oxford University Press

Check HERE for my review of this brilliantly funny and touching book!

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