Blog Tour: 5 quick questions with Maria V. Snyder

As part of the blog tour for Maria V. Snyder’s newest book, Touch of Power, I got to ask her 5 quick questions! I reviewed the book earlier on today so please check it out!

1. Who would you like to see as the main cast if Touch of Power got made into a movie/ TV adaptation?

I don’t know!  I’m out of the loop as far as the current crop of young actors and actresses.  I only watch a few TV shows and a handful of movies since I’m so busy with writing and my family.  Perhaps your readers would like to suggest people?  

2. What is your favourite book of all time and why?

Frederick, by Leo Lionni.  It’s a children’s picture book that my mother read to me when I was little, but I’ll never forget it.  It’s about a family of field mice getting ready for the winter.  While the mice work hard to gather enough food for the long winter, Frederick is sitting around doing nothing as if he’s being lazy – he claims he’s harvesting the sunshine and taking in the colours.  Later when the mice get bored in the winter then Frederick entertains them all with descriptions of the warm sun and summer colours.  As a chronic daydreamer, I could really relate to Frederick!

3. Which YA (human) character would you love to be and why?

I would like to be Lessa from the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffery.  She gets to ride and communicate with a dragon – how cool is that?

4. Which YA (non human) character would you love to be and why?

Grimalkin the cat from Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series.  He’s fun and has the ability to disappear during dangerous situations – handy!

5. Some authors do certain things while they write like listen to music etc. Do you have to do anything like this while you write?

Yes.  I need to have music on – mostly pop, rock and classical – songs I’ve listened to a thousand times so it doesn’t distract me.  I also need a hot cup of tea. 

Thanks Maria for dropping by

Touch Of Power by Maria V. Snyder was published by Mira Ink (UK) December 2011

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