Most Popular Blog Posts (And we want to know what yours are too!)

A few days ago I was having a twitter conversation with Jess (of Jess Hearts Books) which led to us thinking about our most visited blog posts ever. We were both pretty surprised by the results and thought it would be a great idea to share them, and for you to share yours too. 
My Top 10 Popular Posts Of All Time

So I was pretty surprised to find the top two posts were book reviews. I’ve not read either of them (they were reviewed by Lyndsey) and the NO.1 spot is a pretty negative review at that. But at least the top spots are taken by reviews right? Because after all, this is a book review site.
3. 1st Blogoversary Giveaway (January 2011)
Giveaways are always popular, so I’m not particularly surprised that these two feature in the top 10 posts, especially as the Glee giveaway (courtesy of Headline) was awesome.
Another two book reviews. A year on and these are still attracting big hits from Google. People do search for book reviews then.
I love the fact that Carly’s guest post makes the top 10 most visited pages of all time. People really like summer beach reads and beach bonfires!
I’m also really pleased to see a book review from a British Author on the list too, and dare I say, a book that isn’t one of the *big* paranormals.
Who said people don’t read interviews and blog tours?
So, that’s my top 10. I’m very pleased to see that book reviews are the most popular posts on this site. What’s became clear to me though is that these posts are still getting hits a year or more after they were posted despite them not being my most commented on posts by a long stretch. The discussion on popular posts came about after discussing the merits of interviews/guest posts/blog tours as a lot of people feel they aren’t that popular. yet my stats show they are, certainly in Google searches. Maybe as bloggers we need to remember we’re not just writing for other bloggers?
Oh and clearly anything to do with Angels are always a winner. Who knew?
Check Out Jess’s Top 10 over at Jess Hearts Books
Want to share your stats? 

So in the name of scientific research (or plain nosiness) Jess and I would love you to share your most popular posts too. To take part just put up your own post similar to this one linking back to Jess and I. Then come back here and leave the link in the comments. If time is short just share your top 3 in the comments below.
To find your top 10 posts in blogger, simply go to your dashboard, click stats, then posts, then all time.
Look forward to seeing your results!

7 thoughts on “Most Popular Blog Posts (And we want to know what yours are too!)

  1. This is really interesting! We don't have this kind of stats information on our site (though Keris probably knows more about this!) but I know we still get lots of hits and comments on posts from years ago, especially on reviews of books by Jacqueline Wilson and Sophie McKenzie.


  2. Same as Cait – a lot of giveaways feature in my top posts. There are no reviews in the top ten. 😦 Maybe I do too many giveaways! lol!

    My all time top three popular blog post are the Angel (movie cast) blog tour (this is also in my top ten popular posts every week!), My Lauren Kate Week exclusive extra content post & the Passion blog tour post.


  3. All of mine are giveaways except for one – a quick post I did involving pictures from The Hunger Games. It was going to be a regular feature but it died, yet it holds the #2 spot in my top viewed posts!

    I wish I had a review in there!


  4. What a great idea – I just checked mine and the review that gets the most hits is Phillipa Gregory's Red queen – I don't think I would have guessed that!


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