Book Review: Poison Heart by S. B Hayes

An idle glance through the window of a bus changes everything for Katy Rivers. 

A mysterious girl, with luminous green eyes, stares back and from that moment on she haunts Katy and appears to know her every move, even what she is thinking. What is the strange connection between them? And what is the power of the emerald pendant which the girl bestows on her? 

‘I’m everything you’re not and I’m going to take over your life… I’m your worst nightmare.’ 

These chilling words mean that Katy is gradually backed into a corner, alienated from everyone she holds dear, even her own mother. Only her best friend Luke, keeps faith and together they must find a way to defeat the girl who is determined that she will be with Katy…even until death. 

POISON HEART combines psychological suspense with teen romance and makes for a thoroughly chilling read. (from    

I’ll be honest. I hadn’t even heard of Poison Heart until it dropped through my letter box but it certainly looked interesting.  The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis intriguing without giving much away. 

And it turned out to be pretty good. It’s certainly different to any other YA I’ve read recently. I liked the suspensefulness of it and not knowing where it was going to go for the most part. S.B Hayes writing kept me hooked and wanting to know what was going to happen and all in it was an easy read mixing a bit of a thriller with a hint of supernatural. 

I liked main characters Katy and Genevieve, who was just creepy enough to be sinister without being over the top. I did think that people turned against Katy far too easily, especially her mother and didn’t understand that. I also loved the relationship between Katy and her neighbour and long time friend Luke and was glad she had him to turn to at least. My one major problem with this book though was katy’s boyfriend, Merlin. Seriously?  He isn’t even magical by the way, just a bit of a patronising twit. 

Overall Poison heart is a good quick read which didn’t blow me away but passed a couple of hours easily. I did spot the major twist before it was revealed, but it’s still a good one and I enjoyed the lead up to it. The other plus with this book is that there’s no hint of a cliffhanger ending or possibility for a sequel and reading a story you can wrap up in one go is always a pleasure these days. 

Published by Quercus February 2012
Thanks to the publishers for providing a copy for review.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Poison Heart by S. B Hayes

  1. I loved the sound of this but I don't think Im as excited as I was at first after reading some reviews which claim its just ok… I will probably still check it out at some point but Im not rushing for it


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