March Recap and Where I’ve Been…

March started off so, so well! By the 17th I’d read 8 books…which for me is a big deal…and had big plans for the next couple of weeks of reading. Then my Nan got taken into hospital and I’ve kind of not been here since.

She’s ok, well she has Alzheimer’s which is totally hideous, but physically she’s fine. She’s stuck in hospital now waiting for a care package. I’ve mentioned before on the blog how my Nana is the biggest influence on me as a reader, ever since I was tiny. Even as confused as she has been, she was most worried about getting the library books she checked out recently back on time. (Which I did for her and had a gawp at the pretty awesome YA Section while I was at it)

So I’ve had very little time for the last couple of weeks. In fact, it’s taken me that two whole weeks to read one book. I also failed to take part in my own challenge of reading one of the oldest books on the shelf *sigh* Two in April to make up? We’ll see. 

But although March has ended up being pretty horrible, I did still fit in some great reading and bloggish stuff before it all went to pot! There seems to have been a witchy theme going on with my reading and my favourite book this month was Hollow Pike by James Dawson, closely followed by Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake & Bunheads by Sophie Flack.  

I also took over the popular weekly meme, On My Wishlist, from Book Chick City which I officially start hosting this Saturday! I’m looking forward to that and hope you’ll join in. 

Of course I managed to fit in a visit to the cinema to catch The Hunger Games. I thought it was good, but not as emotional as it should have been. If that makes sense? Anyway my friend who’d never read the books said she thought it was sweet. I sent her on her way with a copy of the book. 

So how was your March? Hope you all managed to make the most of that week of gorgeous weather!

3 thoughts on “March Recap and Where I’ve Been…

  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. It is hard. My nanny has Parkinsons and it's so nice visiting her and her not only remembering which granddaughter you are but also your boyfriend's name. I hope yours doesn't have to wait too long for help. 🙂


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