My Week In (mainly) Pictures

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I’d planned to do a kind of weekly round up post on a Sunday, but this week I haven’t really done much as I’ve been in bed most of the week with FLU! Instead of skipping it, I thought I’d do a quick round up of my week in mainly pictures.
I spent a lot of time in bed, with a hot water bottle,reading. I’ve never felt so grim for along time, but on the plus side…I got through a couple of fantastic books. 
Choosing books for Top Ten Tuesday got me thinking about all these books that I have, which I was so excited about reading when I acquired them, yet still haven’t got around to (PS If I said around 300 I wouldn’t be lying). I thought I should probably commit to not adding to the pile until I do read some of them. But then I’ve had a lot of time in bed, with my laptop, to browse. I am weak willed. 

As I’d shared my germs so kindly with Lu (who luckily wasn’t as completely floored by it as me) we had a quiet, peaceful Saturday.  We’d been sent these AMIGAMI  (link to amazon) owl and fox kids craft sets to review, so spent a nice couple of hours playing with pretty paper. It was fun, and we were both really pleased with the results. 
OBLIGATORY WEATHER PHOTO: I’ve not been outside for a week until today. It was wierd…purple, pink and very misty. I didn’t stay out long.  
So, not the most inspiring week, but I do quite like the idea of a ‘week in mainly pictures’ post being a regular thing. I’ll remember to be more interesting (and healthy) for next time though…

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