Weekly Wrap up – Thoughts On My First Week Back On The Blog

So, yes, after eighteen months absence, here I am again. I debated about doing a “What I’ve Been Up To” post, but ended up diving straight back in with a review. I hadn’t planned such a long hiatus, but following the sudden declining health and subsequent loss of my Nana in 2015 (who I’ve wrote about frequently on the blog) and really struggling with this, the months just seemed to creep around quickly. Life became hectic. Work became full time and with ever increasing responsibilities, Son went off to Uni, and then came home again (a worrying couple of months now rectified and back on track!) and Daughter started secondary. The open uni course became the focus for the very little spare time I had left. Late 2015 and early 2016 was busy, stressful and trying in so, so many different ways.

But life has calmed down again lately. My children seem to need me less and less, I have spare time and naturally, I turned to picking up books to fill it. Books for fun! But once a book blogger, always a book blogger and that need to chat and share resurfaced. So, I’m here and on twitter, catching up with the book world and getting to know new people. It’s a bit daunting, almost like starting over from new, but hopefully I can become part of it again. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed it and all you lovely book people out there.

Anyway, with that pondering out of the way, here’s what I’ve been up to reading wise this week.

On The Blog  

I Reviewed Her Perfect Life by Sam Hepburn Here   


Coming Up   

I finished two books this week and will be reviewing those 

If Ever I Fall by S.D. RobertsonHer Husband's Lover by Julia Crouch

I’ve also got a mini reviews blog with some books I read over Christmas or reviewed on Amazon to share and a couple of ideas for other posts. I also plan on participating in some of my favourite memes.  

New Books    
Well it didn’t take long on twitter before my TBR and Wishlist took a sudden surge. I treated myself to two new books on payday (Gosh, January was a looong month)  

I also picked up some arc’s I can’t wait to read either  

I’m planning on reading Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough…there’s been so much talk about it and I really want to know what #WTFThatEnding is all about. 

Have a lovely week  

PS – I’ve just realised that I’m not sure if this should be linked up to a feature somewhere. Apologies if it should and it isn’t. Please do point me in the right direction…everything is different and I’m a bit lost!

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