Looking Back At March and Forward To April 2017

So, spring has sprung finally and in true British style, last week we had snow one day followed by beautiful, warm sunshine just a couple of days later. I went from woolly coat to t-shirt in 48 hours! I did manage to get some control over my overgrown garden and have been spring cleaning indoors too. I’ve had to become ruthless where books are concerned. I live in a tiny house, and to be honest they were taking over and becoming a massive problem. I had cupboards and shelves stacked with them, and not much room for anything else. So I had a cull. Around 300 books have now left my house, and if I’m honest, it felt somewhat of a relief. There were lots I’d read, plus lots I’d been sent unsolicited going back years that I was never going to read. Hopefully now, they’ll find someone to love them. I now have 3 bookcases – one for read but keepers, one for TBR and one for signed pretties. And I’m operating a new system of read it, then pass it on. Fingers crossed it works and I don’t become overwhelmed again! 
I’ve struggled a bit recently with anxiety/panic attacks and I’ve had to take a couple of weeks off work. Keeping busy at home has been a good distraction, as has reading, blogging and all the amazing bloggers, authors and book people on twitter. I’m feeling a lot better this week. 
Anyway…I read 11 books in March, and my 50 book challenge on Goodreads was almost 50% completed! I’ve moved that now to 75 books, and I’m still ahead but I like to give myself breathing room so I’ll stick with that for now! You can see what I read and reviewed in the archive section —> 
but without doubt, my book of the month was: 


(click on the image for reviews) 
Coming Up in April…  
Lots coming up in April, starting with the following blog tours next week: 

                     And here’s just some of the books I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing in April (some have already been read…look out for the reviews coming soon!)
What was your book of the month and which books are on your TBR pile for April? I’d love to know! 

2 thoughts on “Looking Back At March and Forward To April 2017

  1. That sounds like a good system – no sooner had I cleared my shelves up than I got a whole new stack of books through the door – but 3 full to bursting bags went to the Hospice shop so I'm getting there… I've started The Special Girls and thoroughly enjoying it.


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