Book Review: Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

The story of a lost girl searching for her forever home.

Everyone tells Ginny that she should feel happy….

After years in foster care, fourteen year old Ginny is finally with parents who will love her. Yet despite finding her forever family, she knows she will never stop crafting her Big Secret Plan of Escape.

Because something heart-breaking happened a long time ago – something that only Ginny knows – and nothing will stop her going back to put it right…

A fiercely poignant, inspirational story of a lost girl making sense of a world that just doesn’t seem to add up – Ginny Moon will change everyone who spends time with her.

Published 2nd May2017 (Ebook) and 1st June (Hardback) UK by HQ Stories 

In the words of Ginny herself – Well Dang!

This book is just stunning. Like, seriously, breathtakingly stunning. Within the first couple of pages I was bubbling with excitement, because I KNEW this was going to be good. And it was so very, very good.

Ginny Moon is a fourteen year old girl with Autism. She’s living with her third set of “Forever Parents” Maura and Brian, since she was taken away from her abusive and chaotic mother five years ago. She’s been here a while now, longer than the rest, but things are becoming unsettled as any day now there’ll also be a “forever sister”. But Ginny can’t let go of her past, there’s something she needs to deal with, only nobody is listening. So Ginny has to take things into her own hands, in her own unique way.

So, I work with some young adults with Autism and while I’m no expert and don’t have close living experience, I thought that this was the most authentic and genuine voice I’ve read in fiction. It’s told entirely in Ginny’s first person perspective and I believed wholeheartedly in this character from beginning to end. Benjamin Ludwig gets it spot on, a blend of identifiable traits and a distinct uniqueness to make one of the most memorable characters you’ll come across.

Ginny Moon is endearing, but this isn’t a heartwarming tale for the most part. It’s dark. Actually, I was surprised at how dark it got at one point, not being entirely what I expected when I first chose to read this book. I’m not going to give anything away, but there’s abuse and neglect, frustration, miscommunication and families faltering under strain. Nothing is glossed over, it’s very real and believable. It is uncomfortable at times. I got the rage at the people around Ginny, but I could also understand some of the frustration and fear from her foster parents. This book is nothing but honest, everyone is human and flawed, even those trying their best to do the right thing.

As far as character’s go, Ginny is one who’ll get right under your skin from the very beginning. I loved her. My heart ached for her. She really is a girl lost in a world she doesn’t understand and I really, really wanted everything to be ok. I think for people who haven’t any experience of Autism, then this book will be an eye-opener and will gain an understanding of the difficulties and everyday struggles faced by both individuals themselves and the families and carers who support them.

I could probably go on for ever saying how much I loved this book, but I really don’t want to give anything away. I read it in one sitting, completely unable to tear myself away from the raw, honest writing and this unique, quirky, endearing, frustrating and heartbreaking girl with a story to tell. I can’t recommend enough that you take the time to listen.

PS:- This book is marketed as Adult, although I do think it would make a great crossover for older Young Adult readers

(I read an advanced ebook copy courtesy of the publishers and netgalley)

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

  1. Yep, I agree, your review is so much like mine. It's hard to stress how good it is and avoid giving spoilers at the same time, isn't it? Definitely one that everyone should read.


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