#BookReview – I Know Where She Is by S.B Caves @Canelo_co @SB_Caves

i know where she isAn explosive, gripping thriller for fans of Karin Slaughter, Linwood Barclay and Karen Dionne, don’t miss this heart-stopping debut.

On the tenth anniversary of her daughter Autumn’s abduction, Francine receives an anonymous note containing just five words: I KNOW WHERE SHE IS

When a young woman approaches her the next day claiming to have sent the letter Francine wants to dismiss it as a cruel, twisted joke.

But the stranger knows things that only Autumn would know.

It soon becomes clear that Francine must go to dark places in order to learn the truth about her child’s kidnapping.

She will discover that danger comes from unexpected sources. She will do things she never imagined herself capable of.

But will Francine get her daughter back – or is it too late? 

Published 14th August 2017 by Canelo (UK)  

When I picked up this book I had no idea I was about to be thrown head first into an action packed, utterly gripping, edge-of-your-seat ride. There’s no gentle introduction – right from the beginning this is high tension reading, with dramatic, explosive scenes coming one after the other at breakneck speed.

The book starts at the approach to the 10 year anniversary of Francine’s daughter’s disappearance. Francine is a mess – drinking to excess then overexercising to counteract the damage. Her fragility and brittleness transcends from the page, and with the help of her aloof, distant and exasperated ex husband, it’s unclear how reliable she is. When first the letter and then the strange and disturbing Lena appear,  I had no idea if this was a trick, a desperate delusion or in fact real.

As Francine discovers more about Autumn’s disappearance and the intervening years, a sense of dread and horror settled over me. There’s some disturbing and upsetting themes covered, and I was physically shaken at some of the scenes. This book is pretty dark – more so than I originally anticipated. Yet there’s a sense of determination, unbreakable spirit and a fight for survival throughout, which had me gripped and praying for a positive resolution.

What I really liked about this book was the developement of Francine, from broken and unstable to quite frankly, kick ass. Yes, there’s quite a lot of suspension of belief needed here (for reasons I can’t really go into to avoid giving away spoilers) but the action scenes towards the end literally had me holding my breath. I thought I’d worked out another big secret, which I expected to be revealed at the end and was surprised when the book petered out much more quietly than I expected. I may have misread the hints, but it just felt slightly unfinished and could have done with a little more closure in my opinion. Overall though, this is a gut-punching, fast paced read which I couldn’t put down. I’d definitely read more by this author in future.

(I read an advance e-copy courtesy of the publisher and netgalley)

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