#Blog Tour – Snow Job: The Great Game by Jenni Ferchenko- An Extract (@Rararesources)

Good Morning! Today as part of the blog tour, I have an extract of Jenni Ferchenko’s Snow Job: The Great Game (which looking at the weather outside is very apt!) – Enjoy!

Snow jobSnow Job: The Great Game

When young associate Katya Kuznetsova loses her job at Lehman Brothers in London, she takes up a new investment banking role in Moscow, Russia. Determined to succeed, Katya finds herself trapped by her lifestyle. At the same time she tries to prove her self-worth but subconsciously engages in self-punishment, including ever more destructive sex, alcohol and drug abuse. Eventually, things get out of control, leading to the dreadful consequences Katya is trying to fix, humiltating herself and losing everything she owns; but she finds something, which was always there, she just couldn’t see it, something priceless… Snow Job: The Great Game is the first novel by Jenni Ferchenko.


At some point, when everyone seems to have stopped wandering around, the door opens and a moderately overweight person enters the floor with a rapid, masculine gait, focused completely on a cell phone conversation, covering the speakerphone with a palm: 

‘Dima, start buying quietly.’ I hear female whispers. The eye makeup and accurately groomed eyebrows suggest it is a woman … and everything about her screams she means business. 

‘How much, Val?’ he whispers back. 

‘Just buy. I’ll tell you when to stop. Quietly!’ 

‘OK.’ Dima quickly places the bids on his numerous screens. 

‘Yes, Ivan Petrovich,’ she says courteously into the phone, ‘you’ve bought four hundred million dollars vs rouble at the rate of … ’ She looks at one of Dima’s screens. ‘24.36. We’ll confirm the rate of 24.38 to your bank and settle the difference as usual … correct … through your Cyprus entity,’ she says joyfully. 

I quietly use my iPhone to work out the two kopeks’ difference in the rate on four hundred million dollars. Three hundred thirty thousand dollars is the margin for Ivan Petrovich, whoever he is. 

‘How much have you bought?’ she firmly asks Dima. 

‘Six hundred twenty million dollars. Blyat, I overbought!’ he exclaims, fuming, ready to put the blame on Val at any second. 

‘It’s OK, Dima. Don’t be such a pussy. In five years’ time you’ll look at this rate and regret you did not buy more.’ She calmly switches on her computer. ‘What is the average rate?’ 

Dima leans back, putting his hands behind his head. ‘24.3450,’ he proudly says, taking the credit for making a quarter of a million dollar net profit. ‘Shall I park it to Valkyrie or book it as a profit to our London office?’ 

‘Book six tickets of twenty million to sell to Valkyrie and four tickets of thirty million dollars for our London bank to buy from Valkyrie, two points higher on each deal. Keep the book clean. I don’t want any unallocated millions left over,’ she instructs, looking for something in an Hermès Birkin trophy bag that many would die for. ‘I’m off for a coffee downstairs and to interview the new nanny,’ she says, getting up. ‘Ah, and don’t forget to forge the cash-in agreements for Ivan Petrovich for the last month,’ she commands. 

Just like everyone else, I am trying to stare at my computer as Val passes by my desk on her way to the exit. 

 About The Author 

About the author: After growing up under Communist rule in the Ukraine Jenni  jenni fFerchenko established a career in the finance sector after achieving an internship with Lehman’s Brothers, London back in 2006. Her years within the sector working between London and Moscow has provided the inspiration behind her debut novel. Today Jenni Ferchenko lives in an undisclosed location enjoying a quieter life as a singer-songwriter and author. She has also written original songs to accompany the release of her debut novel.


Website – http://jenniferchenko.com/  

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