#BookReview – A Beautiful Corpse by Christi Daugherty ( Harper McClain Series, Book 2)

A murder that shocks a city…
Shots ring out on one of Savannah’s most famous streets. A beautiful law student lies dead.

A case full of secrets and lies…
Three men close to the victim are questioned. All of them claim to love her. All of them say they are innocent of her murder.

An investigation that could prove deadly…
As crime reporter Harper McClain unravels a tangled story of obsession and jealousy, the killer focuses on her. He’s already killed one woman. Will he kill another? 

Published: E-Book – 4 March 2019 / Paperback – 4 April 2019 by Harper Collins UK 

~ Review ~ 

Hurrah, Harper McClain is back! Last year I read and raved about The Echo Killing, the first book in the feisty crime reporter’s series (you can read that review right HERE) and I was very excited to catch up with her again. Boy, I was NOT disappointed.

Harper McClain is a crime journalist for her local Savannah rag, investigating and exposing murderers and villains in the name of public interest. This time, the city is shocked when a pretty law student is shot. With her boyfriend appearing as the obvious culprit, surely this is an open and shut case? But he claims he’s innocent, and the victim’s father believes him. With the police keen to shut the case down, convinced they have their man, it’s down to Harper to investigate and search out the truth.

Once again, Christi Daugherty had me gripped from the very first page and I sped through this book in a couple of huge, breathless sittings. This is super fast paced reading, with one more chapter quickly leading to half a book and a complete inability to look away. There’s action, twists, suspicion and doubt which, along with the heat of the Savannah setting and yes, a bit of will they/won’t they love interest in the form of dashing Detective Luke Walker, makes for an tense and exciting edge-of-your-seat ride.

I particularly loved how this book flowed on so easily from the first in the series, despite it being a year since I’d read it. It felt like I was just picking up where I’d left off and straight away I was familiar and comfy with it. While it probably could be read as a standalone, I think you’d probably benefit most if you read The Echo Killing, in particular for a lot of background on Harper (who has an intriguing backstory).  She’s a fascinating character, firmly cemented now as a personal favourite. I love her strength, sense of justice, empathy and feisty-ness, splashed with a raw vulnerability which makes her both likable and relatable. I want her as a pal!

A Beautiful Corpse is a compelling, unputdownable read, which manages to maintain the  high standard set in the first book more than matching my high expectations. This is a series which mixes a sublime blend of brilliant characterization and pitch perfect pacing – I really can’t recommend it enough. With the book ending on a bit of a cliff hanger, I’m now waiting eagerly for the next in the series and hoping it isn’t long before once again I’m engrossed in Harper McClain’s world.

(I read an advance EBook courtesy of the publisher and netgalley)

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