#Blogtour #BookReview – Invisable Girl by Jill Childs (@Bookouture)

A heartbreaking story of family secrets from the USA Today bestselling author of Gracie’s Secret. Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain.

I know you. I know you in a way you can’t even imagine. I have been searching for you in the years since you wrote that letter – the letter that told me you were looking for me too. But now that I’ve found you, I don’t know if I can say the terrible truth of what I am. It would ruin your perfect life. It would hurt your beautiful daughter.

So, I hesitate – bide my time, for now. This morning, you’re running late and your little girl, tugged by the hand, scurries to keep up with you. She’s clean but a little scrawny. Maybe that’s because you struggle with the bills; maybe she’s just made that way. 

I know what it is to have lost a child. I pray you never learn how that feels. But I can’t wait forever… and when I finally tell you my secret, will it break you like it did me all those years ago? 

Published May 30th by Bookouture (UK) 

~ Review ~ 

I’m not going to lie, my initial interest in this book was completely down to the cover. How cute is that child? Seriously, I’m not that much of a kid person – I like my own (most of the time!) and that’s about it. But I’m going through a sort of pre – empty nest syndrome phase at the moment. My youngest is fifteen this year and I’m missing all those things we did together when she was small. So yeah, the cute child captured my heart.

But actually, inside, this book proved it wasn’t just a pretty cover. This is another new to me author (there’s been a few so far this year) and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. What I got was a surprising story of second chances and self forgiveness which I really enjoyed.

The book tells the story of three women, brought together in unusual circumstances. Becca is a newly single mother, carving a life for herself and rebuilding her shattered self esteem after a controlling marriage. Sarah, a single parent neighbour – bitter and mistrusting following a lifetime of feeling rejected. And then there’s Maddy – a middle aged, homeless woman battling alcoholism.

I’m not going to go any further into the details but this is an incredibly touching story that really captured my heart. The characters are written with depth and emotion, coming across as real people with real emotions, flaws and feelings. Maddy in particular is written very, very well – her story is fascinating and sad, as we discover what led her to become “the bag lady” and a reminder that we should never pre-judge people. I actually can’t stop thinking about her since I finished the book. Alcoholism and mental ill health are strong themes within the book and while at times graphically shocking and raw, it is written sensitively and with compassion.

I enjoyed this book, finding the writing easy to become immersed in and investing in the characters. It definitely gave me plenty to think about, reminding me that we can’t always predict how life will turn out and shouldn’t judge or make presumptions about people. If you like emotional human stories, then this is a great read which i’m happy to recommend.

(I read an advance ecopy courtesy of the publisher and Netgally)

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