Six In Six – A Look Back At Some Of My Top Books Of 2017 So Far…

6 I saw this over at Cleopatra Loves Books, and thought it was a great idea to look back at books read so far in 2017. Hosted by Jo’s Book Journey, the idea is sharing 6 books, in 6 categories from the first half of the year. So here’s my choices:

6 Books I Have Enjoyed The Most 



6 Psychological Thrillers I Have Read & Enjoyed 



6 New To Me Authors 



6 Covers I’ve Loved



6 Books Which Took Me To The Past 



Six Books I Own & Can’t Believe I Haven’t Managed To Read Yet 


Book Review: Keep Me Safe by Daniela Sacerdoti

A lost girl shows a mother and her daughter their way home. Keep Me Safe is the much anticipated new novel from the author loved by over a million readers, Daniela Sacerdoti. Perfect for all fans of Nicholas Sparks and Cecelia Ahern. ‘Heartwarming and mysterious with great atmosphere’ Katie Fforde

When Anna’s partner walks away from their relationship, she is shattered. But it is her little girl Ava who takes it hardest of all. The six year old falls silent for three days. When she does speak, her words are troubling. Ava wants to go home. To a place called Seal. To her other mother.

Anna knows to unravel the mystery she must find Seal and take Ava there. She hopes this tiny island will unlock her daughter’s memories. But could it also offer a new life… and unexpected love… for Anna too? 

Published by Headline 6th March 2017 

I hadn’t read anything by Daniela Sacerdoti before reading Keep Me Safe, and wasn’t sure what to expect. So I was delighted to find that this books is a gorgeous mix of romance, emotion, mystery and a touch of magic.

The story centers around Anna and her daughter Ava following the sudden break up from her father. Ava begins asking for her other Mummy and describing a place she hasn’t been. I am fascinated by stories of past lives and reincarnation, so immediately I was hooked.

As the mother and daughter journey to find the meaning behind Ava’s memories, the book takes the reader to Seal, a beautiful, small Scottish island. Daniela’s descriptions of this place were stunning – I wanted to be there myself and could feel the magic and beauty of the place in every word. I also loved the community of inhabitants we were introduced to and given a snippet of their own story. Keep Me Safe is the start of a series of books featuring Seal Island, and Sacerdoti has cleverly set the scene for future books, piquing my interest and creating an attachment to these characters.

This is also quite an emotional book, which left me brimming with tears several times. It involves a sad story of a tragic accident and the affects it has on those closest. I really loved Shuna and thought she was written beautifully, despite her grief she was strong, caring and capable – someone you would want looking out for you and a character I would truly like and admire as a real person. But it was Sorren who I really loved in this book and the romance between Anna and he was gorgeous. I’m not going to lie, he caused my own heart to flutter once or twice.

Keep Me Safe is pure emotional and mystical escapism. It isn’t going to be everyone’s taste – with hints of super-natural and magic realism and a strong romance theme, if you’re looking for gritty and thrilling then this is not for you. I, however, loved it and found myself lost in this story for a few hours. I’ll be searching out more of Daniela’s work very soon.

(I read an advance proof copy courtesy of the publisher)