Book Review: Della Says: OMG! by Keris Stainton

When Della finally catches the eye of her forever crush, Dan Bailey, at her sisters going away party, she can’t quite believe it’s true.

But her joy is short lived as she realises someone has took her diary and pages are being scanned onto Facebook or left for friends and family to find.

Della is left wondering if her newfound romance is nothing but a joke, or does someone really have it in for her? Dan seems genuine enough, but how can she keep his interest when her deepest and darkest secrets are being revealed to the world? And why would anyone want to hurt Della like this?

What I really loved about this book is that Keris Stainton completely captures the essence of being a teenage girl. It’s written in the first person from Della’s viewpoint, and this really gives the reader an opportunity to get inside her head. Della is the most believable character who everyone will be able to relate to, whether they are a teen themselves or once were. For me, reading Della’s thoughts and feelings was like being transported back in time and when I’d finished I had to remind myself that I was now an adult mother and not a seventeen year old girl about to head of on a nerve wracking date, full of anxiety and self doubt yet fizzling with excitement.

The blossoming relationship with Dan is sweet, painful and so very realistic. I can vividly remember my ‘major’ crush paying me attention and convincing myself that it was all one big joke and everyone was in on it. I loved how things developed between the two, starting out clumsy and awkward and building into a beautiful and tender romance. The book is filled with subtle little observations, which had me nodding ‘yes, I remember that feeling!’ and really bring the characters to life. Stainton also uses language that is believable, meaning it’s brutally honest and at times a little cringe worthy, but this just adds to the authenticity of the book. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and refuses to patronise her readers; its so refreshing and I loved this. But the book is also a lot of fun, filled with witty one-liners that had me giggling to myself. Della’s friend Maddy is a feisty character while her parents, particularly her Dad, provide comedy with their toe curlingly embarrassing antics

The mystery of who had taken Della’s diary and why, added some mystery and intrigue and kept me turning page after page. Again the emotions and sense of dread Della experienced as she realises someone is using it against her are so realistic, that I myself felt my heart sinking to the pit of my stomach. Della’s vulnerability at having her privacy so cruelly violated makes her easy to sympathise with, and really get on her side. I thought I had guessed who was responsible, but I was wrong and it was quite clever how suspicion was directed away from the culprit. If I had one teeny complaint, it would be that once revealed the book ended quite quickly and I might of liked a little more regarding the fall out. This really is the only slight niggle I had though, and overall this is a fantastic debut novel. It’s down to earth, sincere, sweet and fun. Keris clearly understands teen culture and as a result has written a book that will without doubt appeal to and be adored by it’s target audience (and those out of it….like me!). I read Della Says: OMG! in almost one sitting and couldn’t put it down. Keris Stainton is one to watch out for in the future, and I look forward eagerly for more!

Thank you to the publishers for sending me this book for review.

12 thoughts on “Book Review: Della Says: OMG! by Keris Stainton

  1. How absolutely horrible to have a diary publicized. When I first read the summary of this book I thought what a great premise. The mystery part of the book as you stated would definitely make it more engaging, and based on your review I think I would like the way the author deals with the POV. Thanks for another enlightening review.


  2. This sounds fab. I already thought this would be a really fun read, but from your review it sounds like there's depth and bittersweetness to it too. Will definitely check this out.


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