Guest Post: Keris Stainton Talks About Her First Week As A Published Author

Today I’m thrilled to be the latest stop on Keris Stainton’s blog tour to promote her fabulous debut novel Della Says: OMG! As well as reading and loving said book, I’ve been following Keris and the build up to her launch on twitter, and her excitement has been contagious! Today Keris talks about her first week as a newly published author.

My first week as a published author

6 May 2010 was the publication date of my first novel. (Yes, it was also the date of the UK general election. Guess which I was more interested in? At least to begin with…) The book had actually sneaked out a couple of weeks early, particularly online, and friends had been texting and emailing and tweeting me pictures of it on various bookshelves for days. So even though there wasn’t a big Publication Day Ta-Da!, some lovely flowers and presents arrived from friends and we marked the occasion by going out to dinner.

The big Publication Day Ta-Da! actually took place on the Saturday when I made the trip down to London for my launch party. I’d been worried about having a launch party. Part of me wanted to celebrate my achievement while another part of me hates parties and just wants to stay home watching 30 Rock DVDs and eating Tangfastics in my pyjamas. But I was so glad I overruled my slobbish side, because my party was amazing. So many lovely people – old friends, new friends, people I’d only “met” on the internet – came and I chatted and giggled all night. I had a brilliant time.

When I woke up the next morning I was still on a high (and my husband was still snoring) so I took myself off out for a walk. I walked down to the Thames and stood looking out at the London Eye and thinking about how things have changed for me. I lived in London for eight years and it wasn’t my happiest time. Since moving back to the north, I’ve got a degree, had two gorgeous sons and written four books. Oh and, yes, had one published (with another to follow next year). I allowed myself a little wallow in my achievements and a little cry. (And I sent a few tweets about it all, obviously.)

Once I’d had my fill of the freezing wind off the river (in May!), I wandered up to Starbucks and bought myself a mug in the same shade of green as the cover of my book. And then I bought a hazelnut latte. I usually drink plain lattes, but I decided to have a hazelnut one so that whenever I have one in future, it will remind me of my book launch. Is that weird?

This week has been mostly back to business, i.e. faffing about on Twitter and avoiding writing (although I did give myself permission to take it easy this week – back to work on the new book on Monday), but tonight I have yet another launch party. This one in Manchester. I think I’ll pick up a hazelnut latte on the way…

Keris Stainton

Thanks Keris for taking the time to drop by. Hope you have a wonderful evening tonight and I will be looking forward to the next book! Well done on such amazing achievements, you’re an inspiration!

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Keris Stainton Talks About Her First Week As A Published Author

  1. The latte was delish and no added sugar needed, which is a bonus 🙂

    Leanna, I've still got a couple of macarons left, if you can believe it! I won't have in about half an hour though…


  2. Little tiny macarons, eee!

    I love your thing about choosing hazelnut so you'll always remember it. My friend calls it 'prestalgia': that awareness in the moment itself that you're going to be nostalgic about that moment in years to come. Flavour-specific prestalgia is even better.

    Enjoy Launch Party II: The Revenge tonight, and am sorry I can't be there!


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