Exclusive Extract From Glee: The Beginning plus WIN a Glee Goody Bag!

Here I have the second extract from Glee: The Beginning by Sophie Lowell! which will be released by Headline on the 5th August.

To read the first extract visit Escape In A Book.

For Rachel, freshman year had been a bit of a failure. She had thought high school was going to be all about coming into her own and helping people around her realize what a truly incredible and talented person she was. Instead, every time she raised her hand to give the – always correct – answer in history class, her fellow classmates rolled their eyes; every time she went to the front of the room to answer – correctly – the algebra problem on the board, she’d be tripped; and whenever she volunteered to act out one of the parts – usually the lead – in whatever Shakespeare play they were reading in Mr Horn’s English class, she’d be heckled. Only in Lima would someone be ridiculed for aspiring to get out of Lima.

But the culmination of her humiliation had been her failed campaign for class president. The poster board signs she’d made with such care, combining patriotic red, white, and blue stripes with her signature gold stars, were nearly of professional quality. But the signs, along with the catchy slogans she and her dads had come up with, had all been desecrated in varying ways by naysayers. Someone had taken a Sharpie and changed VOTE BERRY – SHE’S A STAR to VOTE BERRY – SHE’S BIZARRE. After the election, which popular Sebastian Carmichael had won, to no one’s surprise, Rachel demanded a recount. Jessica Davenport, one of the official ballot counters, told Rachel that no candidate had ever lost by such a large margin. In the history of the school. She said they’d double-counted, just because they thought it was a mistake. It wasn’t.

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Thanks to the lovely people at Headline I have a Glee Goody Bag to give away to one lucky reader. Winner will recieve:

Glee: The Beginning.

Glee: Road to Sectionals DVD

Gleebook posters

All you need to do is fill in the form below. Contest is open to everyone and is International! One entry per person please. Closes Wednesday 4th August at Midnight GMT. Winner will be chosen at Random and notified by Email.

Glee: Road to Sectionals is available on DVD now. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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