When Covers Give You Nightmares

So, we’re all pretty obsessed by book covers…right? I know I am. Certain covers have me literally drooling. But what happens when you hate a cover? Nay. Not just hate but are absolutely terrified of it! This has happened to me recently, and after a twitter conversation the other day it seems I might not be alone!

The cover in question is the UK edition of Candor by Pam Bachorz. Now the book itself sounds amazing. I want to read it. BUT there’s just no way I could have this cover in my house. Why?

Yes, I can’t even bring myself to post it because I’d see it every time I check my blog. And believe me, that image is one I’m already really struggling with every time I look at it. getting the link was bad enough!

You see, I’m terrified of wasps. I mean really terrified. I’ve been known to get off a bus and walk an hour home because one had found it’s way aboard. I’ve ran off leaving my daughter to deal with a swarm attracted to her sticky ice lolly. I’ve closed the living room door and refused to go in for two days because one got in the window, or until my Dad came round to deal with it. I’ve packed up picnics and come home because I just can’t cope with these flying evil devils of the insect world.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a reaction to a book cover as this, but I HATE it. It makes me feel ill *shudders* and despite really liking the sound of the book I just couldn’t and wouldn’t buy it because of the cover alone. And I never thought I’d say that because as much as I love covers, it’s what’s inside that’s important, yes?

I know others love the cover. Sure it’s different, and well done to the publishers for stepping away from the usual and making a statement. I just Really wish they hadn’t chose a wasp.

Luckily for me the US edition, which while not the best or most inspiring cover in the world-by a long stretch, won’t have me hyperventilating or having nightmares every time I look at it. Here it is along with the synopsis of the book:

My name is Oscar and I am the perfect teenager. My girlfriend is the hottest girl in school. I get straight As. I am class president. But there is a terrible reason I am so perfect: the Messages. Oscar Banks lives in the pristine town of Candor. Son of the mayor, he is good-looking, smart and popular. And he knows something he’s not supposed to – he knows about the brainwashing Messages embedded in the music that plays all over the town. But Oscar has found a way to burn counter-Messages that keep him real. Up to now, it’s all worked perfectly. There’s just one problem: Nia Silva, the newest Candor arrival. What will Oscar risk to keep the Nia he loves rather than watch her become a Candor automaton? Deeply chilling, “Candor” is a psychological thriller that will haunt readers with its vision of a world controlled by something worse than Big Brother.

So, what do you think? Has there ever been a cover that provoked such a reaction in you? Would you ever not read a book because you hated a cover so much? And which Candor cover do you prefer-Uk or US?

6 thoughts on “When Covers Give You Nightmares

  1. UHM, it's lunch time!!! Gotta gag on the food now, lol

    Lmao, yeah I think I prefer the US cover more. Wanted to buy this but am NOT liking the UK cover so I postponed buying lol. It's an eew-cover.


  2. I have that cover in my house and I absolutely love it! I think it's a really gorgeous cover but how awful for you! I'm kind of the same with rats. If I see a rat or even a picture of a rat (or mouse) I freak out. I don't like the US cover at all but I can see why you hate wasps-they're pretty evil :))


  3. I'm not afraid of wasps, but I don't much like that cover either. Prefer the US cover.

    When I was younger, one of the book covers that really freaked me out was Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike. I couldn't keep the book in my room! Found it recently and it still freaks me out!


  4. Haha. Oh no. I saw the book in a shop last week and it didn't really have an affect on me at all, but you aren't the only one that's had such a strong reaction to it!


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