Book Review: Dear Vampa by Ross Collins

The Pires are cursed with new neighbours. Things were just fine on Nostfer Avenue until the Wolfsons arrived. There seems to be no end to the new family’s strange rituals. They stay up all day long, lock their windows at night, and bathe–in sunshine. What’s a nice vampire family to do? (From

I don’t usually review picture books here anymore, but I thought this one might appeal to some of our readers despite it appearing to be a children’s book.

Dear Vampa is told in the form of letter written by little Bram Pire to his Grandfather, Vampa (get it?) telling him all about the strange new neighbours next door. The Wolfsons, bathe in sunlight, eat awful food and make noise all day while the Pires are trying to sleep. Poor Bram just doesn’t understand them.

Ok, this may look like a children’s picture book but don’t let that fool you! I read this with my 6 year old daughter and was laughing out loud at some of the references to Vampire lore, which are very clever and subtle. However it all just went way over my daughter’s head and she didn’t get it at all.

The text is really simple, and there’s not much of it either but the sentiment is nice, IE don’t judge people-we’re all different! I also liked the twist at the end but sadly this also passed my child by and I had to explain it to her, and even then she didn’t get it that much. A child of 6 should be able to read this easily, however I think to be appreciated fully it needs an older child..who in turn may be put off by the simple language.

But if you’re a vampire/supernatural fan of any age then I think you’ll love this book! I know I did…especially the detailed illustrations which also reference vampire mythology. Pretend to buy it for a child…but enjoy it for yourself!

Published august 2011 by Hodder
Copy recieved for review from the Amazon Vine Programme

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