On My Wishlist (3/5/12)

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On My Wishlist This Week 

I don’t think my choices this week could be any more different. I’m definitely finding a variety keeps me a happier reader (after I read my fifth dystopian YA in a row!) Anyway, one YA one adult this week…

Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles Like his brothers, Luis Fuentes is a risk taker; whether he’s scaling the Rocky Mountains or dreaming of a future as an astronaut, Luis is always looking for the next thrill. Nikki Cruz lives her life by certain rules -, don’t trust a boy who says “I love you”, boys lie to get their own way and never date a boy from the south side of Fairfield. Then she meets Luis at his brother Alex’s wedding and suddenly she’s tempted to break all her rules. Getting Nikki to give him a chance is Luis’s biggest challenge, until he finds himself targeted by the head of the gang that nearly destroyed his brothers’ lives. Will Luis’s feelings for Nikki be enough to stop him from entering a dark and violent world that could prove to be the ultimate risk? 

This one’s already out in the US and due for publication in the UK this July. I’ve loved the previous two books and can’t wait for more from the delicious Fuentes brothers (phew at that cover!):D  

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones A sinister tale of haunting beauty, from The Outcast author Sadie Jones.

She was obeying a prompt, an instinct: the instinct that makes a dog lying by the fire tremble of a sudden, and whimper, when there is no one near to see.

The cake is iced. The wine decanted. The house gleams invitingly. But as Sterne prepares for Emerald Torrington’s birthday supper, who are the pale strangers struggling silently up the drive?

A supernatural comedy and spellbinding thriller, The Uninvited Guests strips away the respectable layers of Edwardian society to reveal the dark secrets beneath.

‘What a delicious read! Like something written by a wicked Jane Austen. Passing like a spring fever, here is a fairy tale that stays with you long after it is gone.’ Sarah Blake, author of The Postmistress 

This one came up on my Amazon vine list a few months ago, but was snapped up so quickly I missed it 😦 I read The Outcast by Sadie Jones a few years ago and really enjoyed it. This one sounds very different though. I love the cover, the setting and the fact it sounds so unusual. 

So what’s on your Wishlist this week? 

15 thoughts on “On My Wishlist (3/5/12)

  1. I picked up an Advance Reading Copy of Uninvited Guests off the floor at the Public Library Association Conference because it looked so interesting. It reminded me of Campion or Gosford Park, or a combination. But the cover on the ARC is different from what was published.
    It still looks good, tho!
    Marlene @ Reading Reality


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