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copycatYour stalker is everywhere.
Your stalker knows everything.
But the real problem is that your stalker is you.

Sarah Havenant discovers–when an old friend points it out–that there are two Facebook profiles in her name.

One, she recognizes: it is hers. The other, she has never seen. But everything in it is accurate. Recent photos of her and her friends, her and her husband, her and her kids. Even of her new kitchen. A photo taken inside her house.

She is bemused, angry, and worried. Who was able to do this? Any why?

But this, it soon turns out, is just the beginning. It is only now–almost as though someone has been watching, waiting for her to find the profile–that her problems really start… 

Published 5th September 2017 by Harper Collins UK  

You know when you pick up a book and right from the very first page you’re hooked? Well Copycat is THAT book. Hugely addictive, tense and chilling right from the first page, this is a fast-paced, edge-of-your seat reading from beginning to end.

Copycat starts when successful Doctor and happily married mum of three, Sarah, discovers she has been victim of what first appears to be identity fraud on Facebook. When an old friend gets in touch asking which profile is best to be friends on, Sarah’s attention is drawn to the copycat account. But closer inspection reveals something much more sinister than she originally presumed, when photo’s of her life and home appear as it happens on the cloned timeline.

I’ve read a few books recently which feature Facebook, and seriously it provides the perfect vehicle for intense psychological drama. But Copycat manages to notch up the chills a level, due to the absolute credibility of someone setting up a fake account and using it to cause distress, unease and paranoia. When the focus of Sarah’s torment shifts from Facebook into real life, it’s clear someone really has it in for her and will stop at nothing to seek their revenge. But what has Sarah done that’s so bad? And who’s behind the campaign of terror and manipulation?

Wow, this is such a clever book, twisting truth and casting doubt everywhere. As Sarah becomes increasingly scared and her sanity is called into question, I really felt for her. I was surprised in some ways how easily her husband Ben began to doubt his wife and wanted to scream at him as he too plays right into the perpetrators hands and leaves Sarah increasingly isolated and vulnerable. I had an inkling about midway through who was behind the cruel and twisted psychological assault on Sarah, but I had no idea why. As the book raced towards the conclusion, the menace and threat intensifies and I literally burned through the final chapters unable to look away or put the book down for a second.

CopyCat is very, very clever. It’s truly psychologically thrilling, with a twisted, complex villain and a victim who’s mind unravels right before the readers eyes. And I loved the ending, with a final twist that leaves an unsettling feeling that this is a story that isn’t quite over. Sinister, clever and chilling and absolutely gripping, Copycat is a must for fans of psychological thrillers.

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3 thoughts on “#BlogTour #BookReview – CopyCat by Alex Lake – @HarpercollinsUk @FictionPubTeam

    1. This is the third psychological thriller in a few weeks I’ve read which feature Facebook! The others are Friend Request by Laura Marshall and After I’ve Gone by Linda Greene … both recommended!

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